ETHTaipei Hackathon

ETHTaipei is about bringing builders of the Ethereum ecosystem together. Depth first & developer focused, it aims to provide a place to facilitate discussion on technical subjects so that we all learn and make progress in the space to build a better future for Web3.

There will be three days of hackathon and two days of conference talks and panels.

Hackathon: Apr 21 (Fri) → Apr 23 (Sun)

Conference: Apr 24 (Mon), Apr 25 (Tue)


The ETHTaipei hackathon is a three-day event where developers can compete for prizes sponsored by our partners. Participants will work together in teams to develop new blockchain applications using Ethereum technologies.

The hackathon is free to attend and includes workshops and talks from industry experts. It is the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience and connect with other blockchain builders from Taiwan and all over the world.





Important Dates