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The platform to
Launch and Join Hackathons

TAIKAI is a hackathon platform that connects companies with talented developers to create solutions. We offer innovators a fun and exciting way to learn new skills, build cool projects, and earn rewards.

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Nurturing ideas, harvesting success.

Welcome to TAIKAI Garden, where hackathon projects find the perfect soil to grow! We've created a vibrant ecosystem where your projects can put down roots and flourish. In the Garden, we reward innovation and collaboration. It's not just about planting your ideas; it's about nurturing them into thriving businesses.

Ready to turn your project into a blooming success story? Join the TAIKAI Garden waitlist today.

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Start hacking with TAIKAI

It’s time to build that cool project you’ve always wanted

Compete in prestigious global hackathons, develop your skills, learn new tech, and win prizes - all while having fun, too.

Showcase your projects

Customize your presentation and pitch your project to the world. You got this.

Showcase your projects

Earn prizes and tokens

We believe that hackathons should be more than just winning. That's why we offer tokens to all participants who create valuable projects.

Earn prizes and tokens

Friendly UI

Never lose track of your hard work. Upload your project assets, stay up-to-date with the next steps and access the challenge information with an easy and user-friendly interface.

Proof of Participation NFT

Receive on-chain NFT that showcases the projects you were involved in.

TAIKAI PoPETH Lisbon - 1st Place

with Ethereum

Control your digital identity with an Ethereum account and ENS profile, bypassing traditional intermediaries.

Earn prizes and tokens

Find teammates

Looking to join forces? We got you covered. Use our matchmaking system to find teammates or get invited by other teams to participate in the competition.

Find teammates
For organizations

Simplify Your Hackathon Experience

Managing a hackathon can be a challenge without the right tools. We simplified this process to create a better platform experience for your organization.

Easy hackathon setup

Streamline your event planning and execution with our hackathon management platform. All the features you need to run a successful hackathon such as participant registration, team matchmaking, event timeline, internal chat, and more - in a single tool.

Custom hackathon page

Convert more participants with a complete and well-organized landing page. Customize your brand and assets with all the information required for your challenge and a simple registration process.

Custom hackathon page
Explore more features

All the tools you need, in a single platform



Livestream events on the platform such as webinars, Q&As, or any other type of live experience.

Submission Dashboard

Allow participants to submit their projects in rich formats with images, videos, and attachments, in a user-friendly environment for participants and jury.

Submission Dashboard

Voting system

Evaluating the best projects was never so simple. All you need is to define the best criteria that match your goals and leave the rest with us.


Team #1
230.2K $VKAI
Team #2
200.8K $VKAI
#3Archive the Web
Team #3
192.3K $VKAI
Team #4
189.1K $VKAI

Connect to your favorite apps

Don't waste time and energy managing things that could be automated. Sync your hackathon information and create workflows and automation for your event.

Audited and secured

Keeping your security at the highest level is our top priority. Our web application has been rigorously audited and approved by Hacken, a leader in Blockchain Security Auditing, with a perfect 10 out of 10 score.

Audited and Secured

Join over 100 partners that have hosted their hackathon challenges at TAIKAI

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Learn more about hackathons, web3 and TAIKAI

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Collaborate with the community

Join our ever-growing community and get access to the latest hackathons happening around the world. Our Discord is the place to discuss projects, form teams, contact support and share your ideas.

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Hey oh! 👋
JaneToday at 9:19 AM
What is the best way to create an ERC-20 Token?
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Have you tried dappKit yet?
DianaToday at 9:30 AM
I’ve used it, and it’s the best 🔥

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