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What is TKAI ?

TKAI is TAIKAI’s native ERC-20 utility token which will be used as a medium of exchange within the TAIKAI ecosystem. TKAI’s will be used in a multitude of purposes within the TAIKAI ecosystem that include:

Medium of exchange: TKAI will serve as payment for accessing gated services such as minting the project NFT, featuring a project on TAIKAI’s main platform, or featuring a project update on TAIKAI Garden. These payments are deducted from the user's balances and contribute to the TAIKAI treasury as network revenue.

Feeless peer-to-peer interactions: Users will have the freedom to engage in peer-to-peer transactions such as mentorship and donations without any fees charged.

Staking: TKAI can be staked to access several rights while at the same time incentivizing long-term holding and commitment to the platform’s goals. TKAI can be unstaked at any moment in time.

Access to voting power: Upon staking TKAI, a wallet becomes eligible to receive veTKAI votes, which provide both voting and validation powers. The token is neither transferable nor tradable since they are locked in the private wallet of the user.

TKAI Contract Addresses

Token Distribution

TKAI's total supply of 300M preminted tokens will be initially allocated to the treasury and will be fully distributed over the course of 120 months to the ecosystem. Below is a detailed description of the different categories for the token allocation and the respective vesting.


Hackathon Rewards - Rewards allocation towards TAIKAI hackathon participants from previous and future editions, including hackers, juries, and mentors, in an approximately linear vesting schedule over the next 120 months. Monthly allocation volume will be highly dependent on hackathons frequency and personalization. On launch, approximately 15% of the supply will be distributed amongst previous hackathon participants, dating from 2019. 46

Innovation Farming - Rewards towards highly rated projects and their respective farmers in TAIKAI Garden in each batch. This is to ensure we have an adequate reserve for rewards distribution over time in the following 120 months and for product market fit iteration. Rewards volume will always be set prior to the batch’s period and LayerX will always inform the community of changes regarding them.

Team, Equity Partners and Advisors - Allocation towards LayerX team and its equity partners & advisors, responsible for planning the strategy and execution for the TAIKAI Garden development. The allocation will be cliffed for 6 months after the launch and, once the cliff period is over, 10% will be distributed. Over the following 36 months, the remaining allocation will be distributed linearly.

Hacker External Communities - Allocation towards Web3 communities that are devoted to goals that approximate those of TAIKAI. The distribution will be made linearly over the course of 36 months.

Liquidity Provision - Allocation towards enlisting the token on tradeable markets. The entirety of the supply towards this allocation will be placed in both centralized and decentralized exchanges in a maximum time frame of 24 months.

White Paper

We invite you to explore the full version of the Whitepaper where you can find in-depth information about the ecosystem goals, dynamics, and the benefits your project can reap by joining the TAIKAI Garden.

🔖 TAIKAI Garden Whitepaper