Welcome to the first ETHTaipei held in Taiwan. With a very active Ethereum community and developer community in Taiwan, ETHTaipei has brought together Ethereum-related teams from around the world to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan as an important hub for blockchain technology.

At the same time, this event provides Taiwanese teams with the opportunity to connect with the world and gain more exposure.At ETHTaipei, you will have the opportunity to listen to well-known experts, scholars, and industry leaders from around the world share the latest trends and application cases of Ethereum.

You can also participate in hackathons, various workshops, and other activities to exchange ideas with developers from around the world and create more valuable blockchain applications together.We believe that ETHTaipei will be an excellent opportunity for you to get to learn cutting-edge Ethereum technology and applications, and know the Ethereum community in Taiwan.

We also hope to work with you to promote the development of Ethereum technology around the world and create a better future together.