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Simplify Your
Hackathon Experience

Managing a hackathon can be a challenge without the right tools. We simplified this process to create a better platform experience for your organization.

Join over 100 partners that have hosted their hackathon challenges at TAIKAI

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What we offer

Easy setup for companies

Streamline your event planning and execution with a hackathon management tool. All the features you need to run a successful hackathon such as participant registration, team matchmaking, event timeline, internal chat, and more.

Easy setup for companies

Attract and hire talent

Hackathons can be a great way to attract and hire highly specialized talent. Identify the best candidates and assess their hard and soft skills by developing real projects.

Attract and hire talent

Custom hackathon page

Convert more participants with a complete and well-organized landing page. Customize your brand and assets with all the information required for your challenge and a simple registration process.

Custom hackathon page

Customer support

We have a team of experienced hackathon specialists who can help with all aspects of hackathon planning and execution. Services include customer support, challenge design, and more, to provide you with the best hackathon experience.

Customer support

Social token rewards

At TAIKAI, we incentivise the creation of high-quality projects by offering $TKAI tokens to the best participants. This token also works as a social recognition for their hard work and commitment.

Social token rewards

Audited and secured

Keeping your security at the highest level is our top priority. Our web application has been rigorously audited and approved by Hacken, a leader in Blockchain Security Auditing, with a perfect 10 out of 10 score.

Audited and Secured


Matchmaking for participants

TAIKAI's Matchmaking feature helps your participants to team up for the challenge without leaving the hackathon page.

Matchmaking for participants


We offer a leaderboard for online and hybrid hackathons to showcase real-time voting and announcement of the winners.

Team #1
Team #2
Team #3
Team #4
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Submission dashboard

Allow participants to submit their projects in rich formats with images, videos, and attachments, in a user-friendly environment for participants and jury.

Submission dashboard

Proof-of-Participation NFT

Receive on-chain NFT that showcases the projects you were involved in.

TAIKAI PoPETH Lisbon - 1st Place

with Ethereum

Control your digital identity with an Ethereum account and ENS profile, bypassing traditional intermediaries.


Voting system

Evaluating the best projects was never so simple. All you need is to define the best criteria that match your objectives and leave the rest with us.


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Community chat

Integration with Slack, Teams and Discord for live chat.

Community chat


Organizers can livestream their events on platform such as webinars, Q&As, or any type of broadcast.

Connect to your favorite apps

Don't waste time and energy managing things that could be automated. Sync your hackathon information and create workflows and automation for your event.

Need help to launch a hackathon?

Our hackathon partners can help you organize every step of the event so that you don't waste energy and time. Focus your efforts on engaging with your community and assessing the right projects; we'll take care of the rest.

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Customizable participant registration forms
Team formation
Community Chat
Voting mechanism
1:1 Support
Project Showcase
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