🌞 Gm builders,

Looking forward to seeing you at ETHTaipei Hackathon! Here are some event reminders:

  1. Getting to the ETHTaipei Hackathon venue

  • Venue address: Taipei Factory, No. 13, Sec. 2, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (Google Map) 

  • The check-in counter is in building I on the side of Nangang Station, which is closer if you come from the station.

  • The nearest MRT station is "Nangang Station" on the "Banqiao Line". Take exit 1A and follow the signs for "Taipei Factory" to the first floor, where you will see the POPOP Taipei Factory across the street.

  1. Check-in opens April 21 14:30-24:00 Taipei time and April 22, 09:00-24:00. There will be no check-in for April 23. Pick up your tickets beforehand!

    • The check-in counter is located in the square at POPOP Building I.

    • The event is only open to ticketed participants, make sure you have registered for a ticket before checking in.

    • On the day of the event, please give your name and email to the staff.

    • Please prepare the email confirmation page.

    • The opening and workshops will start at 3:00pm, please check in early and don't miss it!

The complete agenda for ETHTaipei Hackathon is available at:


Q1: Can people who participate in the hackathon also attend the conference?

A1: The hackathon from April 21-23 and the conference on April 24-25 are two separate events with their own tickets and registration sites. To participate in the hackathon, register on Taikai's website. To attend the conference, purchase tickets on ETHTaipei's website. The tickets for the two events are not interchangeable, so please obtain the appropriate ticket according to your needs. Tickets may be sold out close to the event. Purchase/Register early.

Q2: Can people who attend the conference also participate in the hackathon?

A2: No, the two are separate events. If you want to participate in the hackathon or just visit, please apply to become a hacker on Taikai's website.

Q3: Do all venues require a badge for entry and exit?

A3: Yes, a badge is required for entry and exit at all venues.

Q4: Is food available on site?

A4: There will be snacks and drinks available on site. If you want a more formal lunch, please go to the station's food court to find something to eat!

Q5: Can I sleep at the hackathon?

A5: The hackathon venue is open 24/7 for hackers to work on their projects. There is no sleeping or shower arrangements provided. Please book your accommodations accordingly.

Q6: I want to Demo for Demo Day - how do I sign up?

You must sign up through our Demo Day Form


Tag us with #ETHTaipei during the event. See you there!

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