ETHTaipei Hackathon

ETHTaipei is an excellent opportunity to learn cutting-edge Ethereum technology and applications.

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  • Blockchain
  • DeFi

We will have multiple challenges and prizes for participants *See Categories for clearer outlines

Gnosis Chain

🏆 $30k in prizes:

🥇Gold: $8k

🥈Silver: $5k (x2)

🥉Bronze: $3k (x2)

Best project building on:

🏆 Hashi: $2k

🏆 POAP: $2k

🏆 Payment dApp: $2k



🏆 BUIDL your dApps using Blocto SDK - $1K total 

- 🥇 $500

- 🥈 $300

- 🥉 $200


- Use the Blocto SDK in your code

- Each submission should have a short video that describes scope and functionality of the dapp

- Code available on GitHub

- Derp: Repos must contain a text file named “Taipei.txt” with the phrase “I Love ETHTaipei”


- Utility Technical sophistication Fundability

- Bonus points for

    - Integrating Blocto Wallet exclusively

    - Cross-device integration & utilization (Web/App)

More notes:


Join the Discord:



🏆 $5k USD

Best integration for any use case on ZK related, Semaphore, RLN, Unirep.

The PSE team explores new use cases for zero-knowledge proofs and other cryptographic primitives through research and proofs-of-concept.

(1) Semaphore Protocol

The zero-knowledge protocol for proving you belong to a group and signaling without revealing your identity. 

Great for devs who want to build:

- private voting and governance mechanisms

- privacy-preserving attestations and credentials

- anonymous endorsements

- anonymous social networks

Learn more at: [](


(2) RLN Protocol

A zero-knowledge gadget designed to limit 

spam and denial of service attacks in privacy-preserving environments.

Great for devs who want to build:

- anonymous chat or messaging

- privacy-preserving communications platforms

- anonymous environments resistant to spam

Learn more at: [](


(3) Unirep Protocol

A zero-knowledge protocol that expands reputation to include anonymous identifiers for user preferences, alignment and ownership!

Great for devs who want to build:

- Apps where users are anonymous and their data is never stored

- Systems that allow users to prove they control their data

- Apps that require reputation for social interactions

Learn more at:



🏆 $5500 USD
Best Innovative Application built with Autopass

🥇 1st - $2,500 + ✈️ Plane Ticket to Paris for ETHCC
(you should have your own ticket to ETHCC)

🥈 2nd - $2,000

🥉 3rd - $1,000





🏆 $2000 USD Best Innovative Application built on Composable Router

🥇 1st - $1,000
🥈 2nd - $600
🥉 3rd - $400

Introduction to Furucombo Composable Router

Furucombo has introduced the Composable Router architecture, designed to maximize composability. Developers can use programming languages such as TypeScript, Golang, or Python to interact with on-chain services without the need to learn Solidity or Vyper. Through its permissionless design, developers can integrate with any service without additional restrictions.

More Detail in Notion:



🏆 Thundercore is offering $5000 USD in prizes!


1. Your projects must deployed on ThunderCore.

⚡️Testnet faucet

⚡️Mainnet (Please fill in this form for faucet:

⚡️Mainnet docs -

⚡️Testnet docs -

2. Your project should be fully functional on either the ThunderCore Testnet or Mainnet.

3. A GitHub repo must be submitted.



🏆 $1000 USD for best #dataverse dApp

(Extra grants given to projects that use Dataverse as data wallet)

Suggested Topics

During ETHTaipei, you can explore DataverseOS stacks by using create-dataverse-app framework or fork the playground example to learn more primitives.

💡 1. Bring more social components to dataverse ecosystem, e.g. data models for follows/comments

💡 2. Create non-social tool applications, e.g. notes/news/music.

💡 3. Integrate ZK credentials with streams, so users can better control data

Please add #dataverseos into your submission as a comment before the hackathon deadline.

JudgingThe judging criteria will be evaluated by Dataverse team based on three aspects: creativity, practicality, and feasibility. 


Sovereign data infrastructure for web3 dApps

DataverseOS is the first web3-native operating system with identity sovereignty and data ownership. It is built to fix the internet from scratch, so developer can build user-centric dApps upon a programmable data layer that users truly control identities, contents, data and even algorithms.

Additional Resources:



🏆 Challenge 1: Best use of new NFT API endpoints 

Prize: $500 in total (1 winner)

  • The Infura NFT API Suite (open beta) provides access to robust NFT metadata accessible via our REST API or SDK allowing developers to integrate NFT functionality without the complexity of managing smart contracts or using Web3 development toolchains

  • Infura is looking for developers that want to extend their platforms to create or display rich digital assets and create tailor-made experiences for their community

  • Developers will be expected to leverage the NFT REST API, SDK or Truffle NFT API box to create novel applications of integrating NFT experiences into a new or existing application. See this video walking through the basic NFT API functionality.

  • The most compelling submissions for this bounty will include novel use-cases for both the READ and WRITE aspects of the Infura NFT API to create unique experiences for their community.

  • Sign up for public beta of the NFT API here

🏆 Challenge 2: Build a dapp and deploy on Linea

Prize: $500 in total max for up to 5 winners, $100 each 

Linea public testnet launched 3/28, and we want to see you build a dapp that will quickly grow our user base. Linea is an EVM equivalent zk-rollup that offers faster finality and low gas fees to help you scale your dapps. Learn more at

Winners will be featured on our ecosystem portal and celebrated within the Linea community!

Beyond your winnings, you have the opportunity to work alongside ConsenSys post-hackathon to apply for a MetaMask Grant program. We want to build with you, and with a well-fleshed-out submission, we can help you take your idea to the next level, finish those features you couldn’t get to, or take your project to production.


  • Deployment: on Linea

    • Link to the deployed contract address on blockscout

    • Linea network configured in your code

  • Code needs to be viewable on GitHub

  • Each submission should have a short video that describes scope and functionality of the dapp 


  • Utility

  • Technical sophistication

  • Fundability

  • Bonut points for number of ConsenSys products used (Truffle, Infura, and MetaMask SDK)

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