Infinite Hackathons #0 - Genesis Bogota

A decentralized hackathon by hackers for hackers. Unleash your innovative and creative energy.

  • 20 Participants


  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • DeFi

Infinite Hackathons #0 - Genesis Bogota

Infinite arose from an innate desire to provide the industry with a special type of hackathon - a more intimate experience where builders can come to learn with minimal interruptions. Hackers will be able to unleash their innovative and creative energy while avoiding distractions, inefficiencies, and other unnecessary fuss.


Hackers will have 48 hours to realize their wildest concepts in a comfortable and accommodating environment.

You can work on anything you want as long as it is DeFi & DAO related and approved by the organizers.

Your hacking project can be a dapp, an infrastructure solution, a developer tool, or even pull requests to organizer githubs.


The number of awards depends on the number of submitted projects, as 20% of submissions are guaranteed to get a prize.

The organizers will provide bounties, financial and NFT prizes, medals and trophies.

Hackers will also be given the opportunity to choose finalists among themselves.

There will even be a public poll on social media for a 'People's choice' award.


Oct 7-9, 2022