Infinite Hackathons #0 - Genesis Bogota

A decentralized hackathon by hackers for hackers. Unleash your innovative and creative energy.

  • 20 Participants


  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • DeFi

Hackers will have 48 hours to realize their wildest concepts in a comfortable and accommodating environment.

Hacking Process

  • The minimum number of hackers per group is 2 and maximum of 5.

  • You can work on anything you want as long as it is DeFi & DAO related and approved by the organizers. Ideas should be validated with organizers before beginning to work on them.

  • Your hacking project can be a dapp, an infrastructure solution, a developer tool, or even pull requests to organizer githubs.

  • Mentors will be assigned when the hacking starts.

  • Submissions will be done in Taikai.

Judging Process

  • The judging process will be public, on the last day of the event, in the Artesano area or a section of the AR area.

  • Each submitted project would have 5 to 10 min to present, the order depends on the submission time, the earlier you submit your project the earlier you will present.

  • Each judge will have a sign with the numbers 1 to 5 (hacking points) and they would publicly announce their decision and say their motive (optional).

  • In case of a tie, the winner would be decided based on the time that the project application was submitted.

  • A project can get two extra hacking points by pitching the project in 180 seconds, to make sure the presentations would be kept short and consistent.