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2021 HILTI Smart Construction Challenge

Leveraging IoT and reality capture to unleash productivity in construction sites.

  • 97 Participants
  • 49,500 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Commercial & Professional Services
  • Materials


Prototypes or MVPs. 

Deliverables should demonstrate the feasibility of the solution. Our minimum threshold is a minimal viable product (MVP) that demonstrates the performance of the core elements of the solution. A strong deliverable will provide a good understanding of the core technologies in use; inputs and outputs; user flow; and proof of any other fundamental aspects of the selected use case (i.e. accuracies, robustness, ease of use, automation, etc.).

Submission package should include:

  • Prototype (presented on a video clip, video conference, etc.).
  • Presentation document - This document should address the problem, solution, benefits and competitive landscape (high level). Use an illustrative and clear approach to showcase your solution and highlight its contribution to a smarter jobsite. Visual representation of your solution is encouraged (i.e. drawings, images, graphics, etc.).
  • Short video - explain your idea in your own words, showcase your prototype/ MVP, explain the team’s thinking process that led to your solution, and have each team member speak on their own contribution. Make it interesting and creative - this is an opportunity to pass your team spirit to the judges.

Evaluation criteria

At the submission deadline all Challenge submissions will be reviewed by Hilti’s internal expert judges. The judges will score submissions based on the following criteria: innovation, originality, technical feasibility, impact potential, implementation feasibility, design, quality, sustainability and overall presentation.

  • Innovation and originality. Judges look for innovative and creative problem solving. Desired solutions should present new approaches to solve a problem; new technologies to collect, process and present data; platforms to enable automation of processes; and any other smart and cost-effective means to build smarter.Solutions may present new or improved technologies, or existing technologies utilized in a meaningful manner to the construction industry.
  • Clarity on added value. Start with defining a clear problem statement (“why?”), and develop a solution with a clear value proposition (“how”). Value propositions can be delivered in terms of productivity improvement, cost reduction, enhanced safety and more.
  • Relevance to Hilti’s scope and scalability potential. In order to have our experts eventually assessing the solution’s market-fit, the solution must fit to Hilti’s business scope. We recommend to carefully examine the solution with a Hilti mentor on an early stage, to ensure its potential fit.
  • Team and individual performance. Our team of mentors consists of top Hilti executives, highly experienced with evaluating one’s competences, potential, expertise and teamwork. Our mentors will be involved in the solution design process from an early stage, to not only to guide your team by utilizing their industry knowledge, but also to enable close engagement with the participants and to get to know each other better. 
  • Quality and sustainability. Due to Hilti’s high commitment to quality and sustainability, we will emphasize these aspects when evaluating submissions. Participants will be asked to reflect in advance on how their solution can be tested for quality assurance, and have sustainability requirements in mind starting at the design stage. 


Your creations may reach a degree of innovation or originality as to qualify for intellectual property rights. You maintain ownership of your creations and related intellectual property rights regardless of your success with the Challenge.

Terms and Conditions

HILTI SMART CONTRUCTION CHALLENGE 2020 Contest does not constitute a binding agreement or imposes any binding obligation towards participant. Hilti reserves the right to reject any project and decide not to allocate the prize to any participants.

  • Detailed technical knowledge of the construction industry is not a pre-requisite to participate in the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Project entry must be the original work of the participants.
  • Entries must be made in accordance with the Challenge instructions.
  • Entries received after the specified closing date will not be accepted.
  • Participants must take the responsibility to inform the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge team of any changes to their contact details. Failure to do so may result in the participant not receiving updates.
  • The judges’ decisions are final. No appeals will be entertained. 
  • Participants are to agree that their entries can appear on public display. The organizers of the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge may use the entry on any form of media such as the internet, radio, television and in print to promote the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge. 
  • The best entries  will be invited to the awards ceremony which will be held at the end of the finals and selected participants might be invited to explore job opportunities at Hilti. 
  • A full list of best entries will be published on the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge website and other means of publications selected by the organizers. 
  • Selected Participants will be invited to the finals (airfare, travel and accommodation for the workshop, presentation and awards ceremony will be sponsored by the Hilti).

By participating in the Hilti Smart Construction Challenge, participants are deemed to agree to be bound to the above terms.