1. Register HERE and form a team.
        Registration is open from November 11th, 2020 until April 1st, 2021. 
  2. Form a team and add it on the Projects page (recommended team sizes 2-5 people) 
  3. Select your topic
  4. Solution development and design
    To help you better prepare for the challenge here are our couple of recommendations:  
    • Dedicate time for immersion: in order to develop the desired solutions, you need to understand the real challenge, what measures are currently taken to solve it (if at all), and how they could be improved. Have clarity on the problem you aim to solve.
    • Do your research: learn about available solutions out there and how your idea will provide further value. Make sure you don’t work hard on something that already exists.
    • Use your tech and business knowledge to conceptualize a solution: start developing your idea. Make sure to consult with our mentors on an early stage, to ensure your idea fits Hilti’s business scope, and to get guidance from experienced industry experts.
      Make sure to address the following areas while developing your solution: tech feasibility, business model, stakeholders, customers, personas, etc.
    • Build a prototype to demonstrate your solution and show that the fundamental challenges can be addressed.
    • Keep engaging with your mentor. He/ she will help your team to refine your solution.
  5. Submission Prepare all the required deliverables and submit them through your team's page. Submission will be closed on April 1st 2021 at 12am CEST.