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ETHChicago Hackathon 2023

The ETHChicago Hackathon is a three-day builder and creative IRL event

  • 39 Participants
  • 135,000 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Social Good & Impact
  • Blockchain
  • DeFI
  • Web3

What is ETHChicago Hackathon 2023?

The ETHChicago Hackathon is a three-day builder and creative IRL event where participants compete to win bounties sponsored by our partners. Bounties consist of tying together new technology in the blockchain space, innovating and learning from each other about existing blockchain tools, or solving real-world use cases with the unique properties of decentralized technology.

Where is my ticket for the event?

Your ticket should be sent via email from "[email protected]" with the subject line "Here is your ticket!"

Follow the instructions in the email to obtain your electronic ticket. It is recommended to do this before arriving to the event. Pro tip: Take a screenshot of your ticket to easily present regardless of wifi or cellular availability. 

Where does one register/pick up credentials during the event?

Present yourself at the event in Willis Tower. If you registered online, your name has already been registered with building security and you need to check in with them when you arrive.

What are some resources for me to get started?

We have community docs with useful resource links, starter kits, and other resources. Feel free to also take advantage of the workshops, talks, and office hour events at the hackathon.

Who can attend ETHChicago Hackathon 2023?

Applications for attendance found at https://www.ethchicago.xyz

How much does it cost?

75 for most attendees, but you can also apply to be sponsored which won't guarantee a ticket.

Can I bring a guest to the event?

No. All attendees must apply to the event individually.

I was selected but can't attend the event, what do I do?

Please let us know. Spots are limited and it would be nice if another candidate could go instead (but no, you cannot choose who that candidate might be).

When will the schedule be available?

A detailed schedule will be available closer to the event, on our website

Will there be a live stream from the event?

Yes, live streaming will be available. The feed will be focused on the activities taking place on the main stage, such as talks and contests. When nothing is going on there, you can expect a general transmission of the event.

Will the talks be recorded?

Unless the speaker states otherwise, every talk will be recorded and available online in the weeks following the event.

Is there food and beverages at the event?

Light food and drinks will be provided free for all attendees.

Is there Wi-Fi at the event?

Of course. There will also be a limited number of ethernet outlets in the table area, but teams doing projects for competition have priority on these.

I want to be a speaker at the event. How can I propose a talk?

Please submit a proposal at https://pretalx.com/ethchi-2023/submit/K72VM0/info/

Do I need to apply to ETHChicago Hackathon 2023 to propose a talk?

Yes, you do. And if your talk is accepted, it means you're immediately accepted as an attendee as well (of course).

I am interested in exhibiting or becoming a sponsor, what do I do?

If you are interested in sponsoring ETHChicago Hackathon 2023, please contact us at [email protected] for a prospectus and sponsorship application instructions.

Still have questions?

Reach out to [email protected] or https://twitter.com/0xEthChicago