Complete your individual registration by clicking on the button Join Challenge! Even if you're already part of a team, your registration is individual.  

During this time you can start developing your idea for the project.


Start developing your idea for the project. Make sure you have your team gathered before the Mentoring phase!
In the Projects section you can check how many projects there are in each category, at that time.


Your team will be assigned a mentor. This person will guide and give you feedback on your project. By the end of the Mentoring phase, you must complete your TAIKAI Project Page and Description with the following sections: 

  • The problem you are aiming to solve. The more detailed and backed by real numbers the better!  
  • The value proposition. What is the solution you bring and how is it innovative relating to what exists right now. What specific areas are you improving or changing? Overall, how does your project adds value to the world! 
  • The solution. In practical terms, how would your solution and approach work?  
  • The technology (technical approach). What are the technologies you are using and how do they work in order to create the solution?  
  • The team. Let us know who are the innovators behind the project. Tell us a bit about yourselves, your backgrounds and skills. 

Remember to detail your project description as much as possible. This will make it easier for the judges to evaluate it. Use an illustrative and clear approach to showcase your solution and highlight its contribution and added value to the defined challenge and add any other relevant documentation your project may require.


If you're among the 10 selected teams, you will be hacking on Azure! This is the stage where you'll develop your prototype and submit all the material it requires until May 30th at 11.59pm. You will count on the availability of the Azure Experts to help you on Azure. Make sure you update your TAIKAI Project Description with:

  • Conclusions and Results 
  • Demo video - Your video should include a showcase of your prototype/MVP, explain the team’s thinking process that led to your solution. Make it interesting and creative - this is an opportunity to pass your team spirit and the potential of your solution to the judges. Don't worry, we won't be judging you on your video editing skills, we will care about the content and what is presented (Max. 5m video);
  • Code. Provide a link to your publicly accessible code repository on GitHub
  • Any other relevant documentation

Pitch Session

Time to pitch your solution to the jury in a live event. Jury will select the 5 finalists and consider: Problem-Solution Fit (20%), Innovation Potential (15%) and Economic Viability (10%), Pitch Impact (15%), Progress & Functionality (25%) and Azure Development (15%).

Finalists will be announced on the day after the pitch, 1st of June of 2022!

Crowd Voting

During the period of June 1st until June 14th, the 5 finalists will raise as many votes as they can. The number of votes will decide the winners of Building the Future Hackathon!

Winners Announcement

Voting period closes on June 14th at 23h59 and on the 15th we will announce the winning team!