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Building the Future Hackathon 2022

Let's develop a Low Carbon Future together! Built by Upcoming Energies, Microsoft, EIT InnoEnergy and imatch

  • 165 Participants
  • 160,901 Invested
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Building The Future, an event sponsored by Microsoft and built by imatch, has taken on the challenge of Digitally Transforming Portugal since 2019. After 3 editions, the themes and trends may have changed, but our mission remains the same: empowering people and companies through technology.

Building the Future Hackathon had its very 1st edition last year. Due to its success, we want to keep counting on you to help us build the future! This year we've teamed up with Upcoming Energies powered by Galp and we will count on the expertise of EIT InnoEnergy to launch the challenge of developing a Low Carbon Future


Today we are truly aware of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. But talking about it isn’t enough anymore – action is necessary. Upcoming Energies wants to shift the paradigm for the entire energy system and contribute to a carbon neutral world, moving from fossil fuels to an energy based on renewable sources.  

We challenge you and your team to push the boundaries of technology and come up with innovative solutions to a Low Carbon Future in the following areas:

How can we take advantage of solar photovoltaic technology?

How can we take full advantage of the Electric Vehicles' batteries?

How can we best manage the station operation and the customer experience?

Do you have an innovative solution that promotes a Low Carbon Future?

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Mentoring Phase
Development Phase

Create your project page and tell us about:

Develop your solution on Microsoft Azure and update your project page with:

  • The problem  
  • The value proposition
  • The solution
  • The technology
  • The team

10 teams moving forward assuming a minimum quality requirement

  • Conclusions and Results 
  • Demo video
  • Code
  • Any other relevant documentation

5 teams moving forward to Crowd Voting

We recommend you to read the Timeline section to get further information.


  1. First, you need to create your account on TAIKAI. This is the platform where we will be hosting the Hackathon, and where you will be uploading documents and completing your project page and profile. Once you do it, you'll be able to complete your individual registration by filling out the registration form;
  2. Form your team or join an existing one through the TAIKAI matchmaking process and start working on your project;
  3. The mentors will help you create it, make sure you meet with them! Check if you have all the deliverables and submit your project page;
  4. If your project is among the 10 best ideas, your team will be a semifinalist and compete against the other teams during the Development phase. You will be hacking on Microsoft Azure and you will count on Microsoft experts to help you;
  5. Submit your project and the expected deliverables by the end of the development stage; 
  6. Create and present your pitch to the jury;
  7. The jury will select the 5 finalists and, if you're among them, you will need to start reaching out to your friends to get votes. The public will decide! 
  8. Win the prize!