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Web Summit 2019

Blockchain Side Pitch Competition to select the best startup pitches on WebSummit 2019, Lisbon - Portugal


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Where is Websummit Startup Side Pitch Competition event taking place?

The competition will take place on the TAIKAI platform following the physical event at Altice Arena, Lisbon.

Who can apply?

If you are present at the Websummit 2019 and you would like to evaluate the "Pitch Competation" startups this competition is for you. Find a voucher, register on Taikai and redeem the voucher.

How can I get vouchers?

We will distribute vouchers in our booth at Web Summit. We will also be giving vouchers throughout the event (try to find one of the Taikai team members arround the event).

How much does it cost?

Websummit Startup Side Pitch Competition participation is free.

Is this an official Web Summit competition?

No, it is not. This competition is not related in any form with the Web Summit Pitch Competition nor with the Web Summit organization.

Still have questions?

Reach us through [email protected]