LambdaZK Week is a four-day hacking week from July 15th to 18th aimed at pushing the boundaries of ZK technology. Participants will be able to hack on LambdaWorks and Zero Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML), develop  apps using L1s & L2s that incorporate Zero Knowledge tech or develop games using the DOJO onchain game engine.


We want to gather smart people, builders and researchers that want to hack on ZK surrounded by most of the builders of the industry.

Luckily many sponsors(builders and VCs) joined and many of them shared projects, challenges or ideas to inspire. You can see them in here

Our main goal is to reward teamwork within existing projects, so all prizes will be subject to a technical review after the event. We’re not about creating hype; we value genuine work and collaboration.


The hackathon will be hosted in Comet Meetings - Place des Victoires

To access the place you should have been confirmed by the organizers, also a check-in is required the first day.

The first day, doors open at 11am

The rest of the days doors open at 8am

The venue close at midnight

Food and drinks are included during the whole event


Our target audience is composed of individuals who are interested in zero knowledge. These are individuals who are passionate about learning and exploring the concepts and applications of zero knowledge proofs and related technologies. They may have varying levels of expertise, ranging from beginners who are just starting to explore the topic to experienced professionals looking to deepen their knowledge.

Important Dates

Please check the timeline