Who can attend LambdaZk Week?

Only confirmed hackers are able to attend the venue. 

How are applicants selected?

LambdaZk Week curators aim at selecting the best, most participative and motivated, programmers and creatives. .

How much does it cost?

LambdaZk Week is free for all selected candidates.

Can I register our company employees in bulk?

No. Candidates must register and apply individually (they are evaluated and selected individually too, see above).

Do you pay for the atendees' transportation and/or accomodation costs?


Can I bring a guest to the event?

No. All attendees must apply to the event individually.

I was selected but can't attend the event, what do I do?

Please let us know. Spots are limited and it would be nice if another candidate could go instead (but no, you cannot choose who that candidate might be).

When will the schedule be available?

A detailed schedule is available on this site

Will there be a live stream from the event?

Yes, live streaming will be available. The feed will be focused on the activities taking place on the main stage, such as talks and contests. When nothing is going on there, you can expect a general transmission of the event.

Will the talks be recorded?

Unless the speaker states otherwise, every talk will be recorded and available online in the weeks following the event.

Is there food and beverages at the event?

Food and drinks will be provided free for all attendees. We'll be providing lunch and dinner daily, and there will be random snacks and beverages available 24/7.

Why is the official language English?

We have attendees coming from all over the world. English is usually well understood and accepted. Our main motivation is technology and talent, and these are global attributes, so our main 'language' is what we use to code. 

Do I get a participation certificate at the end?

Yes, we can provide participation certificates on demand in the days following LambdaZk Week. Just make sure you actually participate.

Are there hotels nearby?

LambdaZk Week's venue is in a very central location in the city, so there are plenty of hotels around. 

Are there showers available?

The logistics for this are complicated, so don't count on it. Bathrooms are available, but not showers

Is there Wi-Fi at the event?

Of course. 

Will the Wi-Fi be any good ?

The million-dollar question… The organization will provide a world-class setup but, ultimately, this depends on you and your fellow attendees. Bear in mind that hotspots are NOT ALLOWED at the event. Wi-Fi is a shared medium, like a pool, please don't pee in the pool.

I am interested in exhibiting or becoming a sponsor, what do I do?

If you are interested in sponsoring LambdaZk Week, please contact us at for a prospectus and sponsorship application instructions.

I'm a tech guy but I also do recruiting. Is it OK if I talk to someone at LambdaZk Week to see if they're interested in working with me?

You cannot engage in direct recruitment activities during LambdaZk Week. This is one of the core rules of the event. The attendees don't enjoy unsolicited targeting, and we don't want to turn the event into a battlefield for hires. Trust us, it's better for you, not only for attendees. Having said this, it's OK if the interest is mutual and both parties want to talk (meaning the attendee approaches you). It's definitely NOT OK if you're preaching to the crowd or fishing around for interest.

Can I leave a few flyers on the tables to advertise my group/event/company?

That would depend on what you're advertising. The only hard rule on this is that you talk to us first at .

Still have questions?

Ask in the telegram group