Industrial Metaverse Hackathon

Join our Open Call #3 that is executed as a HackWeek focusing on Industrial Metaverse.

  • 37 Participants
  • 54,999 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Infrastructure
  • Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence

Besides access to data, resources as well as awesome mentors and coaches, we have amazing cash prizes for the best team per category / challenge.

The team with the highest score based on the jury evaluation will be invited to join a 1-month pilot project with the lead partner of the respective challenge - our so called HackMonths. In this 4 weeks timeframe the teams will receive additional support and even more access to data. 

To allocate a team for the HackMonths, the four winning Micro-SME will receive 7,000 Euro in direct support per SME, which is part of the Open Call grant support provided by IntellIoT. 

Please note that you have to upload all requested information until October 13, 12:00 and check-in at least 3 times with the IntellIoT team to be eligible to the prize.


The EC funding budget for Third Parties available for all IntellIoT Open Calls is 860,000 Euro. The four selected companies during this HackWeek - officially IntellIots Open Call #3 - each gain access to the IntellIoT project within a 1-month pilot/HackMonth to work with the IntellIoT partners. 

The beneficiaries will receive the funding as a fixed lump sum. The lump sum is a simplified method of settling expenses in projects financed from Horizon 2020 funds. It means that the grantee is not required to present strictly defined accounting documents to prove the cost incurred (e.g., invoices), but is obliged to demonstrate the implementation of the project in line with the milestones set for the project. Simply speaking it means that we will assess your progress and quality of your work during the final review, not your accountancy. The milestones (deliverables and KPIs) will be elaborated at the beginning of the 1-month pilot. 

The lump sum does not release you from the obligation to collect documentation to confirm the costs under fiscal regulation. 

In order to receive the grant, an individual Collaboration Agreement in accordance with Horizon 2020 funding rules has to be signed between the selected organizations and the IntellIoT consortium. SIEMENS AG, as the overall coordinator of the IntellIoT project, will be responsible for transferring the grants in accordance with the above-mentioned process, and the following installments:

  1. After contract signature, a prepayment of 50% of the requested funding will be issued. 
  2. One month after the end of the pilot phase and after the final review presentation plus the submission of a short 2-page Summary Report, the remaining 50% of the requested funding will be transferred. 

Check out the complete Guide for Applicants for further information.