Industrial Metaverse Hackathon

Join our Open Call #3 that is executed as a HackWeek focusing on Industrial Metaverse.

  • 37 Participants
  • 54,999 Invested
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  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Infrastructure
  • Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence

What is IntellIoT?

IntellIoT is Pan-European Research project supported by the European Commission with €8 million EU funding. It fosters the development of humanized IoT and AI devices and systems. It comprises a consortium of 13 partners spread across 9 countries: Siemens AG, EURECOM, Aalborg University, University of Oulu, TTControl GmbH, Telecommunication Systems Institute, Technical University of Crete, Philips, Sphynx Analytics Ltd., University of St. Gallen, Holo-Industrie 4.0 Software GmbH, AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbH, Startup Colors UG as well as University General Hospital of Heraklion. The initiative aims to facilitate a competitive ecosystem and to strengthen the European market in finding deeptech solutions applicable in healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, construction, and smart city. Enabling technologies such as 5G, cybersecurity, distributed technology, Augmented Reality and tactile internet, the project champions end-user trust, adequate security and privacy by design.

Who can attend the Hackathon?

We are looking for European Startups & Micro-SME developing innovative solutions relevant to the four challenges defined in our HackWeek.

To be eligible for the Open Call, your company needs to be considered a Micro-SME, as per definition by the European Commission, which you can find here.In addition, you need to be incorporated in one of the member states of the EU or one of the Horizon2020 associated countries (the list of countries is available here).IntellIoT partners and their related entities — or entities in which IntellIoT partners have shares or other interests — are entirely excluded from participating in the Open Calls.

For more information about the eligibility criteria, please read the Guide for Applicants.

How are applicants selected?

The evaluation and selection process is designed to create an open, accountable, multi-step selection process based solely on the merit of the submitted application. All submissions shall receive the same opportunity. Projects will be evaluated in 3 phases: an eligibility check, an evaluation by at least two independent experts, and a final consensus meeting. Selected teams will sign a sub-grant agreement with the consortium, which will include all the terms of engagement.

How much does it cost?

Attending the HackWeek is free for all Micro-SMEs.

Can I register our company employees in bulk?

Employees of Micro-SME must register and apply individually to then form a team. At least two members of your SME should register to be eligible.

When will I hear back about my application?

We will do the eligibility check immediately after the application deadline on October 8th, 2023. If we determine that you are not eligible for the funding, we will inform you about our decision within 24h. Eligible SME can enter the HackWeek.

Do you provide cash funding?

Yes, we do. You will receive funding to work with us. Within the Open Call 3, up to 4 Micro-SME will receive up to 7,000 Euro for execute an up to 1-month pilot. 

The above amount is the maximum total funding that can be applied for and received by one company.

Will there be a live stream from the event?

Yes, live streaming will be available. 

Why is the official language English?

Although most of our participants are from Portugal, we have attendees coming from all over the world. English is usually well understood and accepted. Our main motivation is technology and talent, and these are global attributes, so our main 'language' is what we use to code. 

Do I get a participation certificate at the end?

Yes, we can provide participation certificates on demand in the days following IntellIoTs HackWeek. Just make sure you actually participate.