WebFusion Lagos 2023

WebFusion is designed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 using NEAR's Blockchain OS

  • 112 Participants
  • 110,000 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested



  • Education
  • Blockchain
  • Web3

Grand Prizes

🥇 1st Place: $2500 + NEAR NFT

🥈 2nd Place: $1500 + NEAR NFT

🥉 3rd Place: $1000 + NEAR NFT



🥈 2nd PLACE : $75

Evaluation Factors

Projects will be evaluated based on technical ability, usefulness as a product, originality, and likelihood to scale into a business. Some factors in our evaluation matrix include

Code complexity & cleanliness: Does the project’s component design patterns showcase a level of maturity? Are child components easy to run? Does their code run efficiently? Does their project showcase a level of technical complexity?

Usefulness in NEAR ecosystem & likelihood for communities to fork: is this something that is so primitive that someone in the ecosystem would fork? Is this considered developer tooling or something that is infrastructure for BOS?  Does the widget metadata include clear documentation for others to do so?

Likelihood to continue project into BOS native product: Is this a one time hackathon project or will they continue this into a public good the ecosystem needs?

Originality of idea: Is this a novel idea? Is this a use case that would bring external user adoption. If this is based on an idea suggested by an ideas list, how well did they execute the desired ideas? Does the project actually solve a pain point? 

Product / UX: Does the project have compelling UX? Would a user know how to interact with it without a demo / explanation? Are components mobile-responsive and accessible?

Building on NEAR

Please see the following list of resources that will help you learn about blockchain technology and how to build on BOS and NEAR: