Hackathon Registrations
You have until 14 of March at 1pm to register individually though the TAIKAI platform. 

Note: If any of your colleagues don't signup individually, they might be excluded from the competition.

Hackathon Start

The Hackathon will last exactly 48 hours, starting on the first day, 16 of March, at 10am. 

During that time, you'll be able to create your team using the Matchmaking tab or the Discord channels, build your project and attend to the talks and workshops to better help your project.

Within the 48 hour period, you'll also be able to contact the mentors either via TAIKAI (through the mentors tab), Discord or in person, during the event.

Hackathon Ends

Everyone should have their projects published by the 3rd day, 18 of March at 10am.

Any attempt to submit your project after that, might result in a disqualification of the event.

You should take into consideration meeting all the requirements on the Overview page, submitting a presentation through your project and make it appealing for judges, as they will vote through the platform.

Pitches and Judging

During the afternoon of 18 of March, at Casa da Musica, you'll be able to make the pitch of your project.
The pitches start at 3:00pm and you'll be called on stage by the name of your project or number that we may assign to you.
You'll have exactly 90 seconds to do your pitch, using the presentation submitted through your TAIKAI project, so make sure you prepare it in advance. 😉

If by some reason, you're not planning to present your project in the finals, then please disable your project.

After pitches have finished, judges and participants of the event will be able to vote on the wining projects (with one caveat of course, you can't vote for yourself).

Winners Announcement and Closing Ceremony

At 5pm of 18 of March, the closing ceremony of the event will happen and winners will be announced!

Either you're one of the winners or not, don't worry! We have a kick-ass party waiting for you in the same venue! 🎉