ETH Porto Hackathon 2023 (16 to 18 March) 

The ETH Porto hackathon brings together the Ethereum community of developers to compete and build innovative projects using the Ethereum blockchain and connecting the blockchain technology to real use cases. 

Everyone is able to apply to be a hacker but the organization will manually select and curate the candidates. Entries for all hackers will be free of charge.

Teams will have 48 hour non-stop to build their projects.

You can find more information on our Official Website 

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The scope of this Hackathon is to build and present projects that can have impact in real use cases. The hackathon will be “Open Track”, there are no “predefined” themes, but every project should be related to the Ethereum ecosystem.


Additionally to the "Open Track" hackathon, we will have bounties provided by the Sponsors of the Hackathon, as well as a "Social Impact" bounty promoted by the organization of ETHPorto that will be added on top of the general prizes. 


Important Dates   

Hackathon registrations ends - 14 March at 13pm

Start of ETH Porto Event - 16 March 

Hackathon kickstart - 16 March 

Submission Deadline - 18 March 

End of ETH Porto Event - 18 March


Submitted projects should have:

  • Project / Team name
  • Short description about the project
  • 1 Discord user name for the team’s person of contact
  • Repository with project’s code
  • Video demo (5 minutes) and/or Presentation (10 slides max)
  • The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice. 📂📂 (NOT mandatory)

Judging Criteria   

  • Technicality
    • How hard was the project to build? 
    • How well does the project leverage technology?
  • Practicability
    • How useful is this submission in the real world?
    • Is the onboarding process simple enough?
  • Innovation
    • How innovative is the project?
    • Is the project leveraging a new technology?
    • Is the project enabling a new type of solution to be created?
  • Originality
    • How original is the project? 
    • Is this something completely new or are there other existing instances of the same type of projection and/or execution?

More information soon, stay tuned