Registration Period - 1st July - 31th July

Firstly you and your teammates will need to register on http://taikai.network and register as an innovator on the official challenge page [here]. You can also start describing your project and add your friends to your projects.

Participation Period - 15th July - 31th August

This is the time to further develop your idea. At the end of this stage the deliverables must be submitted on the challenge page as a project until 31th of August 23:59 pm WET Time. You should provide all the project materials and a succinct description that clarifies all the projects’ purpose to meet the challenges proposed.

Upload images, screenshots, videos, diagrams to help the judges to evaluate your project and increase your chances to be the winner.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please send an email to [email protected] explaining your issue. We are here to help you on this journey.

Judgement Period - 1st September - 3rd September

This is the period that our selected group of juries will assess the delivered project submissions and vote for winners following the evaluation criterias defined on the “Judging Criteria” section.

Each Judge/Backer will have KAI to back his favorite projects after evaluating in detail the project resources. All the voting transactions published by each backer are public and could be scrutinized by any person after the challenge is terminated.

In this period the participants can not update their project submission under any circumstance.

Winners Announced 4th September

On 4th of August the winners and the final results are published on the taikai website. Apart from the 1st prize, all the top 10 project’s members will also receive KAI token rewards, and special badges as social recognition for their effort on this remarkable initiative.