CTT Brand

CTT has a history of nearly 500 years of dedication, commitment and professionalism, to bring the Portuguese and the world closer together. It have been, from its inception, an important partner for companies, creating innovative solutions that help promote businesses.

It is one of the most iconic brands in Portugal, with vast assets that have kept up with the run of time. Its mission is to remain a worldwide reference as a postal operator, oriented towards sustainable growth, centered on the ideals of excellence and closeness, and focused on innovation. Today, tomorrow and always.

Our great achievements come from the dedication, commitment and professionalism of every member of the CTT organization. This is what drives us: focus on our clients; the enthusiasm of going beyond, and reaching closer to each Portuguese; excellence in providing services that go beyond expectations; innovation that translates into creative ideas and solutions that help all us to reach new destinations; the confidence that only through a responsible and upstanding attitude are we able to earn the trust of clients and partners alike. All so that we may remain a trusted brand and a company based on solid values.

Being internationally recognized by the quality of service it provides and by its innovative character, CTT is a brand that garners the trust of the Portuguese people and has been distinguished with several awards, from which we would highlight Superbrands – Marca de Excelência 2018, and Marca de Confiança 2019.

It should be pointed out that, running paralel with the choice of Marca de Confiança, the profession of Mailman was once again voted as one of the 10 professions which are most trusted by the Portuguese.

Strategy Competitive Strengths

CTT’s competitive strengths stem from its history and unique position in the postal services market. In particular, CTT has the following competitive strengths:

  • CTT core network and retail network, both of which have a high degree of capillarity; and a nationwide reach.
  • Highly trusted brand and strong reputation with consumers.
  • Top management team with a long track-record in the mail industry.
  • First movers in cash payments solutions.
  • A multi-product strategy that benefits from significant economies of scale in CTT’s mail, express and parcels and financial services operations.


CTT’s principal objectives are to deliver sustainable growth and improved profitability from each of its business units. To achieve these objectives, CTT has the following key strategies:

  • Maintain market leadership in mail and parcels and capitalize on economies of scale as a competitive advantage
  • Promote a regulatory framework that supports the USO sustainability
  • Maintain efficiency through continuous transformation programs
  • Develop the express and parcels business to take advantage of expected market growth, especially in the B2C segment
  • Strengthen financial services platform and offer a broader range of services

Mission, Vision & Values


For its impact on the Portuguese society, its presence all over the national territory and in international markets, the mission of CTT Group is to provide communications and logistics solutions as well as financial products of proximity and excellence, and to establish relationships of trust and innovation either through CTT company and/or any of its Subsidiaries, reflected into:

  • The ability to connect people and companies through physical and electronic communications;
  • Solutions able to provide an integrated response that meets every customer’s needs;
  • Trust as a company asset but also as an outcome;
  • Corporate strategy and sustainable risk profile of CTT and its Subsidiaries;
  • Innovation as a guarantee to accomplish the mission today and in the future


In the pursuit of its activity, CTT Group aims at being recognised as a multi-service postal and financial operator and a worldwide reference in quality, efficiency and value creation, characterised by:

  • An Iberian market referenced postal operation ;
  • A leading operational and delivery platform;
  • A comprehensive offer in financial services;
  • The capacity to compete internationally in selected geographies;
  • A financial performance at the top of the largest European postal operators;
  • Sound and prudent management in compliance with the business model and risk profile of CTT and its Subsidiaries;
  • Social and environmental liability.


  • Customer oriented: To work proactively to meet customers’ needs. Your success is our success
  • Enthusiasm: To work with passion and commitment, to win as a team, by having the best professionals. We all are one (the power of one)
  • Trust: To be an ethical, responsible and reliable partner that daily meets the commitments made. Always deliver.
  • Excellence: To provide a service of excellence, with guaranteed quality and efficiency. Always do better.
  • Innovation: To continuously explore new ideas, processes and solutions. To create a future