Note: You can join our hackathon and submit your project at any time before the project submission deadline, however for the best hackathon experience, we'd love for you to join our online sessions - they're all designed to help you #BUIDL something awesome!

Saturday March 25th, 12PM UTC

Opening Ceremony & Kickoff

Let's get ready to #BUIDL! Join us for:

  • Countdown, Quick Day Intro and a warm welcome.
  • What is Cartesi, what challenges we're solving, and who might use it?
  • Cartesi endless possibilities, opportunities, and community projects showcase
  • The Grants Program, Cartesi Labs, and the possible opportunities supporting DApp developers.
  • Hackathon Expectations, bounties, support and Recap    

Missed it? Watch the replay here:

Tuesday March 28th, 12PM UTC

Community Spotlight and AMAs

(Showcasing projects past and present within the Cartesi ecosystem)

  • Countdown and Quick Day Intro        
  • Inspiring DApps and Projects Showcase        
  • Panel with Community (Integrators & Hackers)         
  • AMA Session         
  • Day Closure and Recap 

Catch up with the replay:

Tuesday April 11th, 14PM UTC

Workshop and Coding Bootcamp

  • Technical Deep-Dive         
  • Setting up development environments 
  • Hands-on coding exercises        
  • Technical AMA              
  • Day Closure and Recap

Catch up with the replay:

Tuesday April 25th 12PM UTC

🚨 Project Submission Ends 🚨

Saturday April 29th

Demo Day (Pitching and Judging Session) - 12PM UTC

  • Countdown and Quick Day Intro             
  • Individual Team Presentation and Demos     
  • Judging Session Recap and Expectations        
  • 6 Case Studies: What's been built with Cartesi Rollups        

Award Announcement Session and Closing Ceremony - 2PM UTC

  • Hackathon Wrap Up     
  • Congratulations
  • How to keep BUIDLing with Cartesi  
  • Winner Announcements and Closing Remarks