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d|Code Challenge

Calling all the computer vision wizards to hack the mail post IDTag used by CTT.

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1. What is the goal of the challenge?

The challenge proposed is the development of a mobile application to read the code with the respective identification of the lDTag using the camera available on any mobile device or using low-end hardware attached to the device. The application should be able to identify all the information available on the code and show it on the application screen.

2. Who can apply/submit a project?

Anyone can apply to this challenge: students, developers, engineers, data scientists, founders, startups, etc. You will need to form a team of 1 - 5 members and you can only submit one project.

The participation in the Challenge is under the conditions of:

  • being any person on legal age and able to justify it with an Identification card.

3. How can I apply/submit a project?

You need to go to the challenge page and register your participation clicking on the button “Be an Innovator”. After you confirm your interest, in the challenge page you will have a button to “Create a project”. Add a name, a description and who will join you on this adventure. Then you can add a lot more content and improve this page to show how good your project is. Don't forget to click on "Publish" to have your project visible to the jury and organization and if you need you can do as many changes as you need until the submission deadline.

4. What are the deadlines of the challenge?

  • Registration will occur between the 1st of July and the 31st of July at 23:59;
  • Project submission will take place from the 15th of July to the 31st of August at 23:59;
  • Project selection will occur between the 1st of September and the 3rd of September;
  • Winners will be announced on 4th of September.

5. What are the deliverables of this challenge?

Between the 15th of July and the 31st of August, you will have to publish on the platform, you Project, comprised of:

  • Demo Video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo;
  • TAIKAI Project Description documenting all the technologies and the approach used to decode the bus;
  • Source Code Repository Repository access. if your repository is private, share access with [email protected];
  • Screenshots, Diagrams or Slideshow Presentations.
  • Any other relevant documentation.

6. Who has access to my project?

You, your team and CTT members have access to the full description and details of your project. Other users from TAIKAI can only see a small description of your project.

7. How is going to be the selection process?

This selection process will be carried out by a panel of jury composed by CTT experts, as well as the participants of the challenge. Selection uses the following set of criteria: innovativeness, feasibility, workable product and presentation quality.

8. What happens with my intellectual property when I submit a project?

During and after the end of the Challenge, CTT will have the right to use and register the Intellectual Property resulting from the winning project (e.g. code, algorithms, documentation, etc.) for their commercial use, by transferring all your intellectual property to CTT once you win the challenge. You can see more information about intellectual property here.

9. How will the prize be paid?

The prize shall be paid after the issuance of an invoice from the winning team or a project member, with the correct CTT fiscal/legal data.

10. Where can I ask my questions about the challenge?

Reach us through our TAIKAI Slack, by joining us through http://bit.ly/jointaikaislack posting your issues on #dcode channel. We'll have people from CTT to answer any technical questions that may arise.

11. Still have questions?

Email us to [email protected] or chat with us using the website chatting box.