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Help guides to decode the S18C Bar Code are available on Resources

29/07/2020 - 15:44

Hi d|Coders 🙌

Following the comments and issues made by some innovators related to the 4state code bar decoding without the UPU specifications, we decided to help you out on this journey by creating the following helper guides:

  • "4 State Decoding Tutorial" a visual guide to help you understand how the information is stored and converted between the tag representation and the bar representation.
  • "S18c IDTag Conversion Table" guide to convert from decimal, hex or binary representation to a readable form to be presented in your application.

The guides are available to participants on the challenge "Resources Page" and may be subject to updates and corrections. We hope this extra help will allow you to reach a brilliant final result.

If you have any additional question, please join our slack and talk with us.

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Requirements Clarification

21/07/2020 - 13:28

Hello d|Coders! 👋

Regarding some questions you’ve been asking us via Slack, our partner CTT has made some clarifications on the requirements:

It is mandatory to decode/read the code on the mobile device without any additional help from the server/backend side and without a network connection.

To help with this we are sharing some use cases. Is is mandatory that the system works in three scenarios:

  • When the postman is in the field there is no network connection and the purpose is to read and decrypt the codes when they’re delivering the post.
  • In the post office, with or without internet connection.
  • In the warehouse, where there is no internet connection.

You can check on this, with key people from the CTT that are already here on this channel and will be watchful if any further question arises.

Best of luck and keep those questions coming! 😉

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Participation is now open! Ready? Set! GO! 🚀

15/07/2020 - 10:00

Although registration is still ongoing until the end of the month, you can start creating your project and developing your solution now! ⏱ To do it, just click on "Create Project" on the challenge page and add your team members. Don't have a team? Use our matchmaking tab to find one! 👀

Someone from the TAIKAI team will contact a member of your team to send the "letter test set" per team for you to be able to work on. And of course, don't forget to click on "Publish" once you've created the project. Don't worry, you can edit it anytime and only the title and short description are visible to the rest of the participants. Everything else is only accesible by your team. 😉

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