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Cartesi Hackathon 2023

Build decentralized Linux applications (with the stacks you're used to) using Cartesi Rollups.

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Cartesi Hackathon 2023 | #BUIDLwithCartesi

Missed the kickoff session? Don't worry! You can join our hackathon and submit your project at any time before the project submission deadline (April 25th 2023). Catch up with the Opening Ceremony replay HERE!

Cartesi is an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime. Cartesi’s application-specific optimistic rollup framework enables a blockchain stack robust enough for developers to build computationally intensive and previously impossible decentralized use cases. Supporting a Linux runtime environment, Cartesi’s RISC-V virtual machine allows developers like you to build decentralized applications with your favorite libraries, compilers, and other time-tested open-source tooling.

We want to enable computationally intensive applications on Ethereum! Furthermore, we want you to be able to build smart contracts and DApps using the languages and tooling that you know and love. These abstractions have been developed and battle tested over the last few decades. Reusing existing tooling, having full programmability is a great way to innovate faster without reinventing the wheel.

So why are we hosting this hackathon?

Well, three reasons:

1. We want to encourage innovation, creativity, and welcome more developers to experiment with Cartesi tech!

2. We love being inspired by what can be done with Cartesi tech and love seeing developers push the boundaries of Web3 tech as we know it!

3. We care about feedback. 

The Challenge

We want to see you develop a proof of concept decentralized application using Cartesi Rollups. For inspiration, you might want to use one of these components:

  • - Decentralized SQLite.

  • - Decentralized Geoprocessing library.

  • - Cartesi Rollups asset deposit and withdraw.

  • - Decentralized OpenCV (Image Processing library).

Be creative! We encourage you to build novel applications using this stack without any constraints. The easiest way to get started is to start building off of the rollups examples. We want you to explore what can be built using Cartesi and these basic components. 


Hackathon participants must be eighteen years of age or older at the time of entry.

Only one entry per person or team is allowed.

The team must have a minimum of one person and a maximum of five people.  

But most importantly...

No previous hackathon experience is required! This hackathon welcomes all developers, no matter your level or experience with blockchain tech - it's all about having fun and experimentation!


Although judging will prioritize projects that have a complete minimum viable product, a clean and creative design implementation, a well-written whitepaper, or innovative and creative ideas regardless of their stage of development, are also acceptable. We encourage participants to think outside the box and explore unconventional approaches to problem-solving!

We will score projects based on the following criteria, and each will be scored from 1 to 5 for a maximum of 25 points:

  • Product-market fit and economic viability.

    • Is it something that fills a current existing gap in the blockchain space?

    • Is it something that people would want to use? Is there a demand for it?

    • Is it something that is missing in this space at the moment?

  • Originality and innovation.

    • Is it something new/novel?

    • Is it something new in terms of the product?

    • Is it something new in terms of the code?

  • Implementation quality.

    • Here we look at the elegance of the solution. Is it designed well?

  • Technical complexity.

    • This one is quite self explanatory. We care about solutions that are interesting to look at from a technical standpoint.

  • Level of completion.

    • Which stage of development is your project at?


🟢 An excellent submission would be something that addresses all the points mentioned above: a solution that addresses a gap in an innovative and original way that is designed elegantly.

🟡 A poor submission would not address any or address only a few criteria mentioned before: a solution that does not address an existing gap in the blockchain space and is not innovative in design nor code. 

🔴 A disqualified submission would be one that does not have any real Cartesi tech implementation.


We’re passionate about supporting developers and encouraging creativity to blossom across the community. Our $15,000 (USD) track reward is broken down into the following:

  • 🥇 1st - $5,000 USD Team Prize

  • 🥈 2nd - $3,000 USD Team Prize

  • 🥉 3rd - $2,000 USD Team Prize

  • 💰 $5,000 USD Shared Pool Prize (For notable projects, we'll reward up to 5 teams $1000 USD if they qualify as runner ups)

Important Dates

🟡 Saturday March 25th, 12PM UTC - Opening Ceremony & Kickoff    

Catch up with the replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGP5T1k9o4Q

🟡 Tuesday March 28th, 12PM UTC - Community Spotlight and AMAs

Catch up with the replay: https://youtu.be/SLfaDnK1QzY

🟡 Tuesday April 11th, 14PM UTC - Workshop and Coding Bootcamp

Catch up with the replay: https://youtu.be/smjEk3s9Cn4

🟡 Tuesday April 25th, 12PM UTC - 🚨 Project Submission Deadline 🚨

🟡 Saturday April 29th

🔵 12PM UTC - Project Demos Pitching and Judging Session      

🔵 2PM UTC - Award Announcement Session and Closing Ceremony

Useful Resources

Docs → https://docs.cartesi.io

Blog → https://medium.com/cartesi

GitHub → https://github.com/cartesi/rollups-examples

Looking for inspiration?

Have a look at some ideas generated by Cartesi’s core contributors. See which ones speak to you and bring them to life → https://github.com/cartesi/hackathon/blob/main/ideas.md