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Planetary Health hackathon

Explore the interactions and impacts of climate, biodiversity and urbanization on human health!

  • 22 Participants
  • 14,996 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Health Science


The Winning Team will get an opportunity to showcase their project! 

Pitch your idea at one of the innovation events of the year ✨🎤

Imagine an innovation event so exciting it looks like a rock concert. Y Science is an official side-event of SLUSH for Life Science innovations and early start-ups. As the Winning Team, you will have 2 min to pitch your final project in front of this entrepreneurial go-getter audience! 

Date: 01.December 2021

Stage: Y-Science, Helsinki, Finland (and online)

Read more about Y-Science: https://www.y-science.org/


Luciana Capuano Mascarenhas, Project Manager at NIRAS International Consulting (Sustainable development)

Mira Hulkkonen, Leading Specialist at AFRY (Renewable Energy and Climate Change) / PhD Researcher on Air Modelling & AI.

Dr. Shibani Ratnayake, Global Product Manager for Mass Spec at The Binding Site / PhD in Biomedicine

The jury will give points on the following 4 Criteria:

  1. Innovation -  how novel is the proposal?
  2. Multi-disciplinarity - in the spirit of Planetary Health, the proposal joins multiple sectors and/or research fields
  3. Feasibility - how realistic is the implementation of the proposal in the near future?
  4. Presentation - the proposal has a clear aim, method of execution, and is presented convincingly.

University Student - 

You will get a certificate of participation describing the hackathon skills your achieved. It is eligible for student credits (by University of Helsinki: 1 ECTS). Check with your university if it is eligible for student credits.