Rules for the Planetary Health hackathon

#1. Team work!   

It's about working together, so you need to be part of a team to participate. Different disciplines in your team? Extra point!

Try the 'Matchmaking' tab to meet participants that could join your team or jump over to Discord in the 'Chat' button to chat with everyone!

#2. Say Cheeeese to the camera - submitting your final project   

To submit your final project, you and your team must include a max. 2 min video presenting the name of the team, your project aims and how it works.

#3. Everyone is welcome!         

While the hackathon is tailored for university students, if you have an interest in Planetary Health, and more importantly, you are excited to bring a solution, then please step right in! Welcome from any continent and age!

#4. You ideas are yours   

Bring fresh ideas that are yours. We don't want to upset anyone by leaving the person with the original idea out. And just as they are your ideas to start with, they will remain so. You retain all intellectual copy-rights of your ideas and project demos. We only ask that you let us share your pitching videos on our website, with attribution to you and your team.

#5. Everyone is respected. We are all unique humans.  

Our logo is a person of purple skin and mixed clothing and accessories. That is how we see our participants. As unique humans who are working to bring solutions. Therefore, we ask all our adventurous participants to respect one another as well. Happy weekend!

#6. One Winning Team will be chosen.   

To see the details of the winning Pitch prize, the Jury and the Judging Criteria, visit the Prize section.