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Planetary Health hackathon

Explore the interactions and impacts of climate, biodiversity and urbanization on human health!

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Climate change, Biodiversity loss and Human health are often treated as separate challenges. In reality, the health of the environment is linked to our own health and well-being! 

One example is the link between poor air quality and asthma or heart diseases. Cities will continue to grow and our environment is rapidly changing. Your task is to take on Planetary Health challenges to ensure the safety and well-being of the Planet and our own. You've got this, superhero!

Discover, Link, Act 🐱‍🏍  

  1. Discover: the interactions and impacts between climate, biodiversity, urbanization and human health.
  2. Link: practical ways in which different Planetary Health research disciplines can work together. 
  3. Act: design an action plan or service for policy/business/citizens that contributes towards planetary health

Design a project, proposal, or service demo with your team in 48-h and deliver final pitch in a 2 min video. 

How to Join the Hackathon

1. Click "Join the Challenge"

2. Form a team. Check the Matchmaking tab to find fellow participants!

3. Meet each other, form teams, discuss ideas in Discord by clicking "Join Chat"

4. Take part in the Design Thinking workshop on Friday 26th Nov. at 14:00 (GMT+2) 

5. Deliver your final pitch as a max. 2 min video and upload your material in your Project page!

6. Winners pitch at the Y-Science SLUSH side event!   wuhuuu!!

The Challenges 🌡🌍🧍‍♀️🧍🏾‍♂️

Read more about the challenges in the Categories section. The future of Planetary Health is in your hands!

Need inspirations for the topics? Here is the IPCC 5AR figure illustration the link between Human Health and Climate:

Figure from IPCC 5AR (2014, Chapter 11). "Fig. 11-1. Conceptual diagram showing three primary exposure pathways by which climate change affects health: directly through weather variables such as heat and  storms; indirectly through natural systems such as disease vectors; and pathways heavily mediated through human systems such as undernutrition"


Design Thinking workshop    

The amazing researchers at Aalto University Design Factory will open your hackathon weekend with a Design Thinking workshop, preparing you with the tools and methods to optimize your interdisciplinary work and impact!

Resources 🛠📊

A list of open-access data for environmental parameters is gathered for you in the Resources tab.

Expert Mentors in various Planetary Health fields are waiting to help out under the Mentors tab!

No coding skills? Don't worry! The aim of this hackathon is to bring different research fields together and offer best practices to advance Planetary Health. We care more about the journey than the final destination! <3


Head over to our FAQs section! or drop us an email: stephany.mazon(a)helsinki.fi