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Planetary Health hackathon

Explore the interactions and impacts of climate, biodiversity and urbanization on human health!

  • 22 Participants
  • 14,996 Invested
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  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Health Science

Can I enter if I am a student?

Yes! High school, university, magical school, you are all welcome!

Do I get credits?

You will receive a certificate of participation detailing the hours and core-skills you gained through this event. University of Helsinki has approved this course for 1 ECTS. If you are a university student, check with your degree programme coordinator if this event is eligable for your school. 

I am not a student, can I participate?

Of course! Anyone interested in the subject is welcome to take part. If you don't have an idea or a team yet, remember you can try our matchmaking space to find teammates!

I don't have coding skills, can I join?

Yes! This is not a strick hackathon. Rather, it is an ideathon. We want groups of different people to come together to co-create solutions to Planetary Health challenges. Ideas, project proposals, community event plans, apps, sketches, they are all welcome!

I don't have a team, can I still join?

Yes! You are welcome on your own to join a team during the begining of the event on November 26th, 2021. 

If you have an idea already, but no team, you can advertise your idea and call for new teammates to join you. 

If you are a small team and would like to add more participants (with specific skills for example) you can advertise this as well! This all happens in the matchmaking page.

Can I work with an idea/project I have been developing for some time?

Yes, you don't have to start for zero. However, do take care you acknowledge or inform any previous teammates that you will develop the idea further and have their consent. We want to everyone happy!

Do I have to register to participate?

Yes. This will give you access to upload your project, vote on projects and view materials of the event.

Who decides the winner?

We have 3 jury members from the sectors in sustainability consulting, climate science, and biomedicine. 

The jury will give points on the following 4 Criteria. To see more details, see the Prizes section.

  1. Innovation -  how novel is the proposal?
  2. Multi-disciplinarity - in the spirit of Planetary Health, the proposal joins multiple sectors and/or research fields
  3. Feasibility - how realistic is the implementation of the proposal in the near future?
  4. Presentation - the proposal has a clear aim, method of execution, and is presented convincingly.