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Telos Mission NFT

World’s first NFT Art Contest – any artist can join, bring their digital files and mint NFT series.

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Win 175,000 TLOS in prizes!


Join the Mission NFT challenge for your chance to win one of five prizes worth 25,000 TLOS with an additional 50,000 TLOS going to one of those winners as Gooey's Pick for most promising project. We're handing out a total of 175,000 TLOS (approximately $120,000 USD) 

Telos is the fastest EVM compatible blockchain with one of the fastest-growing communities in Web 3.0. We are partnering with Byt.io, the first truly "every chain" marketplace of its kind.

The contest aims to invite artists to bring their NFT projects (ERC 721 and ERC721a) to launch on the Telos EVM, then sold on a leading NFT marketplace or other secondary markets.  

Anyone can join! 

Any digital artist can take part, regardless if you know how to mint an NFT or not. 

Whether you've already created your NFT collection, are already selling (we don't mind), or just want to bring them to the Telos EVM.

Finalists who have provided NFTs will have their collections minted on Byt's launch pad and be able to be sold on Byt Marketplace or any other Telos integrated secondary markets (AreaX or Tofu



  • A digital artist looking to venture into NFTs for the first time
  • Already have a well-developed NFT project, and can mint your own NFT 
  • Interested in creating an NFT project to be minted and sold on secondary markets 
  • You’re just an enthusiastic amateur (we can support your dream NFT project!) 
  • An important feature of the contest is the ability for artists and developers to connect and build collaborative teams working together to build an NFT project!  E.g. Developer, community and/or marketing (check out the Match making tab)


  • Fast developing NFT ecosystem  
  • Dedicated NFT curator for community support 
  • Multiple Secondary NFT markets for ERC721 projects
  • Insanely fast transaction speeds 
  • The greenest blockchain in the space  
  • Low costs (gas fees) 


We are looking to make the process of creating NFT art as accessible and streamlined as possible. Telos believes that the future of NFTs will play a pivotal role in the crypto environment and our lives more broadly. Mission NFT is a challenge that opens the doors to artists and brings daring new artistic work to the market.   

We want to see:

  • An artist that can bring us a properly formatted file of their artwork, along with specs for how your layers are written out. There will be a verification process that your art is compliant with our specs to move forward.  
  •  A collection that has already been minted on Telos EVM (Please see the Resources tab for how to apply for verification on Byt)

Your successful project will consist of: 

  • Properly formatted files (.PNG)  Specify canvas size (ie 800 x 800) (if your collection isn't generative that is ok too! Please provide a link to the images you wish to put within your collection)
  • A scheme that lays out the layers (ie Background, body, face, head, ect...) preferably in a .doc 
  • If 3D artists are entering the contest, please provide a video of your work in .mp4 format 
  • If photography is your medium please create a zipped folder of the images you intend to create as NFTs as well as a means to verify these are indeed your images
  • Artist statement video that speaks to what your project is about and why you wanted to enter the contest and build on telos 
  • 5-10 rough ideas of what your NFT will look like as a finished product 
  • What you will do with the prize money to develop your career  
  • If you are a collection that has already minted, please provide a summary of the project. Please provide apply for verification on Byt as well supply 10 examples of the NFT project.
  • A disclaimer allowing us to use your video statements in promotion advertising (there is a clause in the registration where you accept the terms laid out in the rules) 

Process of submitting art for NFT generation 


Have your files in a zipped folder and contain the following:

  • Artwork in folders sorted by layer and formatted properly (.PNG) ensure a layering scheme, rarity and canvas size.
  • A folder with mock-ups of your NFT for public viewing (preferably .PNG
  • A document containing an artist statement, a brief description of what you’ll do with the 25k Telos, and why you decided to build on telos, and if possible, a video artist submission. 
  • You MUST label the folder containing your Digital Art Files with <PROJECT, FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL CONTACT
  • Ensure the file folder is Zipped or compressed 
  • You MUST email your submission to [email protected]
  • Please ensure you don't upload your artwork layers to your project within Taikai as you don't want to give away the surprise. Please, as mentioned prior, provide visual examples in your project profile. 
  • For a walk thru of submitting a project please check Resources for a quick video explainer.
  • Get creative! 


Once these have been fulfilled and accepted, we will confirm with you that your project is verified for entry. Your entry is NOT accepted until you receive a VERIFICATION EMAIL from us. 

Please note that Telos reserves the right to disqualify any entry on the basis of bad taste or inappropriate content. Sorry, our decisions are final and we will not enter into debate. As well, if it is discovered during the duration of the contest that your submission is a forgery or direct copy of an existing project, you will be immediately disqualified from the contest.

If your entry is not verified for any reason, please contact [email protected] for support on your submission. 

The Taikai platform promotes teamwork! Digital artists can team up with NFT pros and marketing specialists if it helps to develop their project. We encourage collaboration and building new relationships. 


Mission NFT is hosted by the TaiKai platform which allows for a great user experience when uploading your submission, as well as allows the contest to hold a public vote which will determine the the semi finalist participants.

Public Voting Round - in the first stage we will invite the public to vote and select twenty finalists.

Each voter will be given an allocation of tokens to allot to the projects you’d like to see advance to the next round. We will have 5 weeks of public voting where you can allocate tokens, where the 20 contestants will advance to the semi-finals.  

Judging Round - in the final stage our handpicked judges will pick five winners.

After the top twenty projects have advanced, we will hold a judges panel to decide who the final 5 winners will be, along with naming the judge’s pick to award that will go to the most outstanding NFT project.  


Voting Criteria


The Public round of voting will be more open-ended with people allocating tokens to the projects they like the most. We’re looking for the public to vote on three qualities, so artists need to consider:

  • Artistic merit – the most appealing look (i.e. what looks best)
  • Utility – the most useful project (i.e. explain what can the NFT collection do for its owner in your artistic vision and statement), and
  • Community – the largest or most interesting group of supporters

When the public voting has completed our judges will pick the overall winners. They will look at the project overall and assess which NFTs have the most viable way forward as a collection and which can help grow the Telos ecosystem. The top choice “The Big Gooey’s Pick” will be a project of exceptional quality and promise that The Big Gooey will work with one on one to bring to market if it's not already a minted collection.