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Telos Mission NFT

World’s first NFT Art Contest – any artist can join, bring their digital files and mint NFT series.

  • 101 Participants
  • 222,540 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Blockchain

Top 5 submissions walk away with 25,000 Telos each!


Telos Mission NFT was born out of an idea to draw digital artists over to an environment that is much better suited to creative and imaginative new ideas. We know NFTs are poised to explode, and we want to show off how great our ecosystem is not only to build on but also to grow your community on our chain.  

The Big Gooey, our NFT curator, a position that’s the first of its kind, will chair the jury. 

The top 5 entrants each receive 25,000 Telos. The Big Gooey’s top pick will be awarded an additional 50,000 Telos which will act as a strategic investment into the project to ensure its success on the Telos network. 

The Telos NFT market is booming, and we want to make sure we are investing in the long-term success and future of not only that market, but the artist who work and thrive here. We will support artist through their submission process in Mission NFT should they have any issues.