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Telos Foundation

California, USA

Telos Foundation is an independent entity operating on behalf of the Telos Network.

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The Telos foundation is made up of a group of diverse board members from around the world. The board members of the foundation control spending of foundation funds through a secure multi-signature process utilizing the Telos blockchain network itself.

The Telos Foundation is a decentralized, independent, not-for-profit organization charged with the role of promoting the blockchain network of the future - Telos.

Main Role

  • Promote Adoption - Promoting the Telos network through public relations, social media, live events, and education.
  • Network Development - Underwriting expenses that increase the utility of the Telos Network.
  • Resource Management - Maintaining a published guidance price for Telos Network RAM and both trading based on this price and offering sales at this * price to qualified developers.
  • Partnerships & Grants - Enter into partnerships on behalf of the Telos Network bringing additional utility value to stakeholders and the network.
  • Branding - Protect and grow the Telos brand in collaboration of the community.
  • Co-ordination - Connecting network participants and assisting in communication of core development activity and network upgrades.