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And the winner is...

a month ago

Fighters! 🥊

Thank you! Thank you for joining us in this fight. 🙏 Since March, when the Global Pandemic began, we did not imagine that today we would be here to announce the winners of such an important project. Still, we went to the ring and tried from the first moment to help those who wanted to find solutions to fight the virus. 🦠

Today, with the voting finished, we announce that of the various projects and areas that we received on the TAIKAI platform, the winner is COVIDIAN 🏆. Congratulations on your commitment and dedication! BlockApps and Codeaddict will help you by bringing their knowledge and experience to create a successful app.

But...the most voted project by crowd voting was Nevaro4COVID 🥇 so congratulations also to them for the development of the project in the health area. We will soon announce the surprise we had promised for this public vote. Now, we can only thank all the partners and juries. It was very gratifying to get into a fight for a global cause. 🌎

👉🏻 Check all the projects.

Stay safe!

    Vote on the best Fight Covid-19 projects!

    2 months ago

    Fighters, the solution is coming! 🙌🏻 🌎

    The virus was not yet beaten, but we already have some very interesting and functional projects that need validation, which is why we want to give you and the rest of the world the possibility to vote on the best Fight Covid-19 projects, starting next Monday.

    Check this voting guide:

    1. Redeem Voucher

    Go to the following link, follow the steps by logging in into your TAIKAI account. After the account is validated you’ll be eligible to vote.

    2. Check the Hackathon projects

    Projects created on Fight COVID-19 Challenge will be listed on the TAIKAI platform challenge page. By clicking on a specific project you'll see its title, cover, logo, description, team and all the work done up to that date.

    3. Backing - the voting process

    The dynamics of voting in Fight COVID-19 Challenge are what you can find in the real world and in a real economy. As an Intermediate Jury, you're also an investor in TAIKAI and you'll be awarded KAI coins (TAIKAI's currency token) to pre-select the top projects that are going to the final selection stage.

    👉🏻 VOTE!

    To vote in a project, you simply transfer KAI coins (tokens) to the projects you love.😍 To do that, go to the Projects page you want to vote on and click on “BACK THIS PROJECT” button.

    It is time that we play our roles and contribute as we can to help others.

    Will you join this battle? 👊🏻 Vote now!

      San Francisco Hacks takes Fight COVID-19 Open Challenge to the USA

      2 months ago

      Morning, Fighters! 🌤

      Bearing in mind this is a pandemic situation that deserves our attention and awareness, SF Hacks - one of the biggest and most renowned student Hackathons in California - joins TAIKAI to take FIGHT COVID-19 Open Challenge beyond borders. The goal of this partnership is to diffuse and gather USA participants so that we can all find technological solutions that may help people across the world.

      This is going to be amazing! 🔝😎 Know more on the challenge page Overview.

        Microsoft for Startups joins our technological partners

        3 months ago

        Hello, Fighters! 🦸‍

        We start the day announcing Microsoft for Startups as our new Partner in Fight COVID-19 Open Challenge. 🙌

        Microsoft for Startups joins our technological partners to help the community fight and avoid the spread of Coronavirus, bringing urgent solutions to the current issues that mankind is facing.

        Although they are already a partner of TAIKAI on their startup support program 🤩 in this challenge they will contribute with technological resources for projects which dimension needs this support. 💎

        According to our CEO & Founder Mário Alves, this partnership is extremely important as "we believe that from this challenge will emerge relevant solutions, not only for the time being but also for the new reality that will emerge after this pandemic.”

        Check it out on the challenge page Overview 👀

          Update on Supporters, Partners and Prizes

          3 months ago

          Hi COVID-19 Fighters 👋

          We are proud to announce that the number of technological projects, participants and supporters associated with Fight COVID-19 Open Challenge are increasing on a daily basis through our platform. With this, we have been awarded the support of several companies that can help you with the development of your project.


          They believe our projects can create a widespread impact that they support them financially or through services.

          • Block Apps and Code Addict are specialized in building Apps, bringing their knowledge and expertise to help projects build a successful App. They’re so interested in making your App succeed that they’ve included a special prize comprising hours from their teams.


          The prizes include:

          • 40h of mentoring by Block Apps and Code Addict in the amount equivalent to 3.000€ distributed between Tech, Design, Blockchain and Growth US/ EU.

          The Block Apps and Code Addict team will assess the best projects on an ongoing basis, supported by our transparent and auditable voting mechanism.


          To access these prizes, we’ve created a new category called “Mobile App”. You must add this category to your project, to be eligible to win the prizes.


          Organizations that are supporting us to build this challenge through information, data, technology or services.

          • Data Science for Social Good Portugal provides very insightful open-source data to create projects on this challenge.

          • Unbabel supporting us with all the translations within the challenge and also available to support any translations projects might need.

          • Glintt Inov is bringing expertise, resources and talent. They will be mentoring the best healthcare projects and contributing to their team to build projects of their own.

          Get in touch to find out how we can support each other 👉🏻 [email protected]

          We are still looking for additional partners to help and will continue updating this information.

          Keep safe and creating solutions faster than the virus spreads! 💪

            Health Category supported by Glintt Inov

            3 months ago

            Hi COVID-19 Fighters 🧪

            We have a new partner who has joined FightCOVID-19 Open Challenge. Glintt Inov will be mentoring the best healthcare projects and contribute with:

            • Expertise
            • Healthcare networking
            • Technological development resources

            So, if you have a health project and need help, please get in touch with us! The full details about this healthcare category can be found here.

            Let's find solutions faster than the virus spreads! ✨

              New challenge category powered by Data Science for Social Good Portugal

              3 months ago

              Hello COVID-19 Fighters 👋

              We are proud to announce that we have a new challenge category running on this challenge.

              This data science category was devised by DSSG Portugal community and aims to produce projects to:

              • Showcast the impact of quarantine in Portugal
              • Study the impact of the outbreak on SNS24’s Public Data
              • Coronavirus Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis
              • Analyse the Economic , Environment and Traffic impact of isolation measures

              They provided very insightful open source data to be used freely to create projects on this challenge. 🙌.

              The full details about this data science category can be found here.

              Let’s find solutions faster than the virus spreads! 💪

              • Partner
              • Data Science
              • New Category
              [email protected]Building ConnectionsAv. Serpa Pinto 3114450-718 Matosinhos, Portugal



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