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Data Science For Social Good Portugal

CoronaVirus Analytics by DSSG

DSSG Portugal is an open community of data scientists, data lovers and data enthusiasts that want to tackle problems that really matter. We believe in the power of data to transform our society for the better, for everyone. This challenge is organized by DSSG Portugal and counts with Data Science Portugal as a community partner, working with us to bring the message of the importance of using data as a tool for impact. 

What data will you have available for this challenge?

The data in the repository is organized in two main categories: data made available daily by Direção Geral de Saúde (DGS) covid19pt-data, that we also daily update, and other sources that might impact or correlate with the current pandemic situation. These other sources are inside the “Extra” folder and subdivided by different topics (https://github.com/dssg-pt/covid19pt-data/tree/master/extra).

Right now, we have the following:

  • News: we provide a small notebook where you can download the data, title and description of news from Público related with the coronavirus (thanks to Rui Barros)
  • Population data made available by PORDATA
  • Healthcare data, from the SNS Transparência Portal

Every time that we make significant changes to this section, we’ll announce it!

If you have interest in using other sources of public data that we currently don’t have in the repository, please let us know by creating an issue in the GitHub repository. We will investigate if the source is relevant and trustworthy and add it if it fulfills this criteria.

In case you are an entity with access to data which can be pseudo-anonymized and might be relevant for assisting in this issue, please contact us. We can help you to anonymize the data and understand what subset of the data could be shared and how it could potentially be used. For instance: transportation data, presence in cultural events/restaurants/bars, and traffic data.

What kinds of projects can I create?

We have some suggestions of small projects you can work on using the data we have collected so far:

  • Create a simulation that showcasts the impact of quarantine in Portugal, similar to what was done for a simulation town in a Washington Post Article . You can use the data we provide in the repository containing population density and estimate migratory flows;
  • Study the impact of the outbreak on SNS24’s Public Data, such as “Atividade Operacional SNS24”, “Atividade Prestação SNS24 para a Síndrome Gripal”, “Atividade do Síndrome Gripal nos Cuidados de Saúde Primários”. Can you correlate COVID19 with changes in SNS24’s workflow? Can you estimate the impact this will have in the future? What further days could be beneficial to gather in order to solve such problems? The notebook for downloading such data is available in our repository.
  • Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis: can you group news by theme to understand what are the main news titles/topics being published by media? Can you create a filter for searching news of a given type? What about social media feed (e.g. Twitter posts with a given hashtag)? We already have data with news title in our repository, and intend to add more.
  • Research Summarization: Can you create an algorithm which summarizes the most relevant topics from informational text about Coronavirus, in Portuguese, to help inform the population?

We also have some ideas that we do not have the data for (yet? Help us!):

  • Economic impact of isolation measures in industries (restaurants, gyms, …)
  • Traffic analysis before and after the first COVID-19 case
  • Pollution analysis before and after the COVID-19 first case

And many more - your creativity is the limit!

We encourage you to be creative in your analysis and stand out from the standard analysis that already exist on the internet (not to create simple forecasting models of the number of cases in the future), therefore providing new insights to the community.

Which tools can I use? How do I submit my analysis/project?

  • If you have questions or need any clarification regarding our data source, please open an issue in our github and we’ll help as soon as possible.
  • We recommend submitting a Python/R notebook containing your solution. The more documented it is and the better your decisions and steps are explained, the better. Alternatively, describe the used pipeline in the Taikai project page.

Submitting files you used for analysis (e.g. code and data, if not available in our repository) is mandatory.

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