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Bitfinity Hackathon | ETH Milan

Develop a 100% on-chain dApp using the Bitfinity EVM for smart contracts and ICP for your frontend.

  • 27 Participants


  • Blockchain
  • DeFI
  • NFT
  • Web3
  • Cryptography

🎪Event Details

💻 Bitfinity Hackathon📅 THU | 5 Oct | ALL DAY

⏰ Duration: 24 hours

📍Fondazione Stelline, Corso Magenta, 61, 20123 Milano MI

🎁 Each Dev will receive a FREE ticket for ETHMilan 

Please Note: To receive FREE ETHMilan tickets for all your team members, be sure to have them register for the hackathon


The goal of the Bitfinity Hackathon is to develop a 100% on-chain dApp that has the smart contracts hosted on Bitfinity Network - Internet Computer's EVM - and the frontend hosted on Internet Computer.

More consideration will also be given to projects that leverage ICP's main of features, such as HTTPS Outcalls, Internet Identity, Reverse Gas Model, direct integration with Bitcoin, etc.


Each participating team must select one of the following verticals for their project:

  • DeFi 
    (e.g. AMM, Aggregator, Lending & Borrowing, etc.)
  • NFT & Gaming
    (e.g. NFT Platform, POAP dApp, Marketplace, Web3 Game etc.)
  • Infrastructure
    (e.g. Remix, Bridge, Text Messaging, Internet Identity etc.)


Project Documentation:
Each team must provide clear and comprehensive documentation for their project, including installation instructions and usage guidelines.

Demo Video:
Teams must create a demo video showcasing their project's features and functionality. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

GitHub Repository:
Each project must have a public GitHub repository that includes all project code and resources.