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Bitfinity Hackathon | ETH Milan

Develop a 100% on-chain dApp using the Bitfinity EVM for smart contracts and ICP for your frontend.

  • 27 Participants


  • Blockchain
  • DeFI
  • NFT
  • Web3
  • Cryptography
Rules and Terms

Before reading the Rules of this Challenge, we kindly advise you to check our General User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the TAIKAI Platform.


💻 Bitfinity Hackathon
📅 THU | 5 Oct | ALL DAY
⏰ Duration: 24 hours
📍Fondazione Stelline, Corso Magenta, 61, 20123 Milano MI
🎁 Each Dev will receive a FREE ticket for ETHMilan! 

Please NoteTo receive FREE ETHMilan tickets for all your team members, be sure to have them register for the hackathon.


🌐 Bitfinity - Official Website
📚 Docs [Bitfinity]
📚 Blog & Resources for Developers [Bitfinity]
👛 Bitfinity Wallet
💻 Bitfinity EVM Examples (GitHub)

🌐 Internet Computer - Official Website 
📚 Dev Docs [Internet Computer]
📚 Wiki [Internet Computer]
📚 Getting Started [Internet Computer]


2.1 Team Formation:

  • Participants may form teams of their choice.
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of  2 members.

2.2 Verticals:

Each participating team must select one of the following verticals for their project:

  • DeFi 
    (e.g. AMM, Aggregator, Lending & Borrowing, etc.)
  • NFT & Gaming 
    (e.g. NFT Platform, POAP dApp, Marketplace, Web3 Game etc.)
  • Infrastructure 
    (e.g. Remix, Bridge, Text Messaging, Internet Identity etc.)

2.3 Forks:

Forked projects are allowed, but they must be 100% rebranded and demonstrate improvements or innovations from the original project.

2.4 Frontend Development:

The frontend of the project must be developed on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

2.5 Functionality:

Projects must be 100% functional by the end of the hackathon.

2.6 Social Media Account:

Each project must create and maintain its own social media account (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, or any relevant platform) to share updates and engage with the community.


3.1 Project Documentation:

Each team must provide clear and comprehensive documentation for their project, including installation instructions and usage guidelines.

3.2 Demo Video:

Teams must create a demo video showcasing their project's features and functionality. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

3.3 GitHub Repository:

Each project must have a public GitHub repository that includes all project code and resources.


4.1 Innovation and Creativity:

Projects will be evaluated based on their uniqueness on the Bitfinity Network, creativity, and innovative use of the Internet Computer Protocol.

4.2 Functionality and Completeness:

Projects must be fully functional and demonstrate a clear use case.

4.3 User Experience:

Judges will consider the overall user experience, including ease of use and design.

4.4 Adherence to Vertical:

Projects will be judged on how well they address the chosen vertical (DeFi, NFT & Gaming, or Infrastructure).

4.5 Community Engagement:

Teams are encouraged to engage with the community through their social media accounts and may receive additional points for active community involvement.


🥇 Bitfinity Network OG:  $5k

🥈 Web3 Master: $3k

🥉 EVM Ninja: $2k

Prizes will be given in $ICP 

5.1 Announcement of Winners:

Winners will be announced during ETH Milan, on 06/10/2023.


6.1 Respect:

All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

6.2 Compliance:

Participants must adhere to the rules and guidelines of the event.

6.3 Intellectual Property:

Participants retain ownership of their projects and intellectual property.

6.4 Ethics:

Projects and actions must align with ethical standards, and participants should not engage in any malicious or harmful activities.

By participating in the Bitfinity Hackathon, all attendees agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the judges. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team or individual not following these rules or engaging in unethical conduct.

We wish all participants the best of luck in the Bitfinity Hackathon!

Bitfinity & ICP.Hub Italia Teams