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ALT+F Hackathon

Be part of the change by developing tech solutions that will define the future of people development.

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  • Education
  • Social Good & Impact
  • Software & Services

" The best way to predict the future is to create it ". 

We are looking for people that want to solve real-life problems on the people development field. Are you the one?

   What is ALT+F? 

ALT+F Hackathon is an initiative to solve global challenges and define the future of people development and social impact by creating innovative projects. It's the first part of The Alternate Future Summit, a one-week long Summit that brings together the major players involved on people development: corporate thought leaders, education visionaries and ecosystem builders. Together, they will discuss how emerging technologies will shape up and assist in changing organizational processes and human behaviour to impact work and life routines.

It is organized by GetBoarded with the help of AI in Africa. 

Getboarded is an alt-career opportunity platform, that includes various tools in the field of people development, focused on alternative career matching for students. It works not just on the knowledge skills of a person, but also personality-based transferable skills in today’s ever-changing career and jobs landscape. It works as a SaaS (software as a service) that predicts and provides future career opportunities for students and professional using research-based predictive talent analytics and AI. Our mission is to empower the world’s professionals to take control of their personal brand and become more successful.

AI in Africa is a platform which delivers forward-thinking initiatives that equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and mindset to succeed tomorrow’s world. Their mission is to empower the youth to design an inclusive future with AI. They do so via high-impact workshops, trainings, events, and collaborative programs with academic, public and private institutions.

  The Opportunity:

  • Help the community: this Hackathon is designed to encourage developers, start-ups, technologists, and corporate management to unite and develop solutions that'll help large scale recovery and define the future of people development on the fields of Human Resources, education and social impact.
  • Sharpen your skills: improve your skills by putting them into practise on a real project. Enjoy the workshops provided by our organization on four different fields. 
  • Extend your network: meet like-minded individuals from all over the world and let yourself shine by demonstrating your unique talent. Be part of a growing community of future-enthusiastic people from all-over the world.
  • Explore potential next steps in your career: selected participants will be exposed to employment opportunities within the recruitment sponsors. 
  • Prizes: qualify to win the challenge prize of 1000$. 

          Every innovator and team also get access to Freshwork credits. They can signup and claim access to credits up to $4000 across essential products like: CRM, Helpdesk, Marketing automation, HRMS, ITSM, Live chat, Cloud Telephony etc. Through the Freshworks for Startup program they can also gain access to Freshworks' community of VCs, Investors, Customers to scale your business. Claim your exclusive benefits here.


There are 7 different streams in which the teams can create a project on. Form a team and pick one challenge to work on. 

  1. Involvement
    1. Fresh Hiring and Forecasting: fresher hiring and HR forecasting techniques typically include using past data to predict future staffing needs to opportunities. Build solutions that can use surveys, benchmarking and modeling techniques to estimate workforce staffing numbers. You may offer solutions in mapping opportunities.
    2. Opportunity Planning: university career fairs are going online, internships are run remotely, and the government is rolling out wage and training subsidies to hire locals. Offer solutions to digitize and transform the processes in Opportunity discovery and matching.
  2. Inclusion
    1. Corporate Culture: often, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. Solutions to identify, map and align corporate culture with organizational goals.
    2. Corporate Diversity: We live in a complex, interconnected world where diversity, shaped by globalization and technological advance, forms the fabric of modern society. Solutions to support, measure and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  3. Introspection
    1. Talent Appraisal: many organizations use the annual performance appraisal as a tool to inform employees of the value added by their work throughout the year. Often this is the only feedback employees receive from a manager all year. Propose Solutions to a dynamic, conversational Talent Appraisal mechanism.
    2. Talent Intervention: many times there is no value in appraisals if the improvement actions are not taken. Present solutions on identifying interventions and PIP techniques that can help make effective strategies towards talent intervention.
  4. Insight
    1. Attrition Risks: some of the reasons that are creating attrition risk issues are job hopping, employee low job satisfaction, low compensation, disputes with colleagues and supervisors etc. The word 'attrition' refers to gradual loss of employees over time. Any solution that improved employee engagement and well being can be considered.
    2. Career Planning: career planning is non-linear and short lived in the current fast changing times, what could be the short- and long-term career goals to set, and the actions you can take to achieve them? Devise solutions supporting career planning customized to market, interests and ambitions.
  5. Innovation
    1. Learning and Development: recent years have witnessed a growing interest in life-long learning (LLL) as an indispensable element of policy responses to the future of work. Develop solutions as response to concerns surrounding economic competitiveness, globalization, unemployment and theimplications they held for human capital development.
    2. Succession Planning: succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles, and often the ownership of a company, to an employee or group of employees. Despite its undeniable relevance, it seems to be luxury strategy for organizations. Offer solutions that could be of great value to organizations even the ones with fewer resources available for knowledge management programs and the formal, structured development of employees.
  6. Impact: 
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): CSR is a type of business self-regulation with the aim of being socially accountable. There is no one "right" way companies implement this. Propose solutions to quantifiably measure social impact of such activities.
    2. Primary Education: solutions around primary education and learning continuity in the times of disruptions.
  7. Imagination: open proposals in the domain of people development or social impact: Education, Human Resources, Circular Economy, Social Communication, Open Sciences. 



Technologies emerge every day at a fast pace. Some may say they are the future but the truth is the future is happening right now. It's up to us, as a society to take advantage of technology and use them as tools to solve global problems. "Don't be afraid of what technology will do in your place, ask what technology can do for you". 



  Who can participate?

At GetBoarded, we believe in people and prioritise soft skills. Everyone that is passionate about Human Resources, Education, Social Impact and Technology are strongly advised to participate. 

  • Students and recent graduates on different fields: Tech (Web development, AI, blockchain, etc); Business (marketing, management, economy) and Social Sciences (psychology, education, human resources);
  • People passionate about people development and social impact;
  • Experienced innovators and entrepreneurs;
  • Everyone in the technology community with the ability to work with emerging and varied technologies and the desire to make an impact on the fields of Human Resources, Education and Social Impact.

   How to participate?

We have partnered with TAIKAI to run this challenge, a top portuguese open innovation challenges and hackathons platform.

You’ll need to Register on Taikai.

  • Registration - from 26th July to 1st September

    • Sign-up for the Hackathon as an individual or a team member

  •  Matchmaking Stage- from 27th to the beginning of September

    • If you're still looking for a team or don't have a completed team (4 to 6 members), this is the time to find it.

  • Project Submission - from 1st to 10th of September

    • Prepare all the required deliverables and submit them through your page.

  • Pitch Presentation - 11th and 12th of September 

    • 5 minutes pitch with 5 minutes of discussion with the jury. 

  • Jury voting - from 13th of September to 16th September

    • In this phase, the jury will have tokens (blockchain yeah!) to cast their vote

  • Winners Announcement Event - 17th September (during the day between Conferences)

  The working language of the Hackathon is in English.


Interested in sponsoring us? Send us an email at [email protected] for more details!