1.Whom is the ALT+F Hackathon for? 

The ALT+F Hackathon is a challenge for 3 different kinds of audiences: 

  1. Tech community (programmers, designers, hackers, startups, social innovation, etc.) enthusiastic about emerging technologies; 
  2. Social sciences community with a focus on professionals, students and enthusiasts of Human Resources, Psychology and Education;
  3. Business community (students, graduates and enthusiasts) of Business, Management, Economics, Marketing and others.

If you have several ideas that might provide a solution for one of the challenges but you don't understand anything about programming or if you're a programmer but have no connection with people development or social impact projects, you can still participate by finding a team with complementary skills. 

You can either sigh up by already having a team or as an individual. To create a team you can use the features of matchmaking on TAIKAI, learn more here: https://docs.taikai.network/participant/matchmaking.

2. What is the recommended team size?

The teams must be of 4 to 6 members and as interdisciplinary as possible.


3. How will the Hackathon work?

The ALT+F Hackathon is a 100% online and borderless challenge. A prep-session will be held before the start of the Hackathon to clarify all the rules, timelines and provide further instructions for the event days. 

Apart from the prep-session, information regarding Training Sessions and other relevant details will be released through the organization’s communication channels.

From the 1st to the 10th of September there will be a period of Training in which everyday there will be sessions on topics that can help you structure your project. During this period the teams are expected to reunite and work on their project to meet the due date. On the 10th September at 23:59 WEST the teams have to submit their deliverables and on the 11th and 12th of September with the pitch sessions. Winners will be announced during the 17th September, the Conference Day of The Alternate Future Summit 2021. 

4. What kind of projects are expected in this hackathon?

We expect the projects to be created on this Hackathon to be creative and innovative technological solutions for the problems presented in the challenges. The project includes two deliverables: a Minimum Viable Product in the adequate format for the solution proposed and a pitch deck with information about the problem, the solution provided and a plan for its execution.

We encourage the team to strongly structure the project regarding the possibility to be executed in the future.

5. What is the evaluation criteria?

There are 4 evaluation criteria. 

  • Innovation and uniqueness with respect to existing tools in the same area: 
    • Judges look for innovative and creative problem solving. Desired solutions should present new approaches to solve a problem; new technologies to address the challenges; platforms to enable automation of processes; and any other smart and cost-effective means to work smarter. Solutions may present new or improved technologies, or existing technologies utilized in a meaningful manner to the people development field.
  • Relevance and Added Value:
    • The solution proposed must be an adequate fit to the category and sub-category in which they are applying. This applies to the context in which the solution is going to be proposed including factors as: necessity, adaptability of the people to that solution and expect outcomes.
  • Sustainability:
    • Participants will be asked to reflect in advance on how their solution can be tested for quality assurance, and have sustainability requirements. How viable the project is to be scaled and its feasibility.  
  • Team and individual performance:
    • This requirement is evaluated in two ways: attendance to the activities promoted by the organizers under the umbrella of the ALT+F Hackathon and the Alternate Future Summit and also through the pitch. Participants need to show their enthusiasm and compromise to the topic through attendance to the Training Sessions and also to the Alternate Future Summit (Tech Talks and conference Day). At least 50% of the team should be represented in each session otherwise you'll have 0 on this category despite your pitch performance. 

6. What are the prizes?

The ALT+F Hackathon includes 7 different challenges and each one will have one winner. The winning team of each challenge wins 1000.00$. Plus, every challenge may have additional prizes to be announced depending on the challenge sponsor.

7. Can I participate in more than one challenge?

No. You can only participate in one challenge. 

8. Can my team submit more than one project to a challenge?

No. We expect the projects to be of the most quality possible, thus requiring every time and attention for one. 

9. How do I submit my project?

The projects are submitted on Taikai, on the "Projects" tab of your team until 23:59H WET of 10th of September 2021.