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Telos EVM - Build on the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine!

We challenge Ethereum Developers to build on the new Telos EVM!

  • 156 Participants
  • 248,700 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • DeFI
  • NFT
  • Metaverse

Build & Run Your Ethereum dApps On Telos EVM (tEVM)

180,000 TLOS ($200,000 USD) To Be Won!


Telos is the fastest EVM compatible blockchain with one of the fastest-growing communities in Web 3.0. Join the Telos Spark EVM Hackathon for your chance to win one of five prizes worth approximately $200,000 USD.



Telos is excited to launch its very first Telos EVM Hackathon to invite Ethereum based developers to bring their best tools and applications to the Telos EVM (tEVM).



  • You have an incredible dApp that needs to be on a faster chain
  • You are a Solidity developer or have a team experienced deploying Ethereum dApps
  • You are you tired of Ethereum's clunky UI and expensive transaction fees
  • You are looking for a more energy-efficient solution to run your EVM application


Then apply now for the Telos Spark EVM Hackathon. 



The Telos EVM (tEVM) is a non-Ethereum Fork EVM that is built from the ground up. It is the most robust EVM to date by many multiples. 

  • Insanely fast transaction speeds
  • The greenest blockchain in the space and ESG compliant
  • No front-running
  • Native chain = zero fees
  • TelosEVM = Less than 10 cents.
  • Fastest DeFi blockchain
  • Rapidly growing community




dApps or forked applications:

  • DeFi and DEX innovation (Pancake or similar).
  • NFT Marketplace (Open Sea or similar)
  • Staking and Lending contracts or tools (Maker, Aave, Compound or similar)
  • Innovative NFT Minting contracts (utility, liquidity, timelock, etc)
  • an Ethereum Name Service Fork (yourname.tlos)
  • MultiSig tools or vaults (Gnosis or similar)
  • Play 2 Earn fork/concepts


Or you could build EVM Tools to improve the UI or Backend via:

  • Charts and Statistics
  • Snapshots
  • Airdrops
  • Display, Collection for NFT's



We're looking for clean, structured, and elegant code which can run on the tEVM. While code and functionality are key components, please consider that you are selling us your vision. Prepare informative and organized documentation and present your idea in an inspiring way, as this will play a key role in evaluating your concept.


Developers are invited to show that their code runs on the Telos EVM Testnet; if you face issues, you are encouraged to request support and engagement with Telos mentors in direct messages or by heading over to the Telos Discord/Hackathon channel.


Your successful project will consist of:

  • A Demo Video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo; you may be invited for a demo if you are on the shortlist!
  • A Project description documenting all the technologies and approaches used.
  • A public source code repository that is accessible to the judges. *
  • Screenshots, diagrams, or slideshow presentations.

* Please contact us if your approach is ground-breaking and you wish to keep your Repository private.


It's not just about code; having a well-put-together presentation will increase your chances of winning one of the top prizes. 


Important Dates

  • Project submission will take place from February 6th to April 3rd at 23:59 am EST.
  • Project selection will occur between April 4th at 00:00 am EST to April 8th at 23:59 am EST.
  • Winners will be announced on April 11th before 23:59 am EST.


Build your dApp on Telos EVM for your chance to win one of five prizes worth approximately $200,000 (180,000 TLOS).


Telos Blockchain (TLOS) is a fully decentralized 3rd Generation, ESG compliant layer 1 blockchain that has been executing energy efficient smart contracts, at the fastest speeds, virtually uninterrupted since 2018. 

Every transaction on the Telos Network utilizes less than 0.000002 kWh of energy per transaction, costing end users zero to near zero gas fees and Telos is the only chain capable of delivering smart contracts for Solidity, Vyper and C++. 

Telos at this very moment, before doing any future rollups, sharding or hardware upgrades, has the capacity to sustainably fulfill hundreds of millions of transactions per day. To put that number into perspective; Based on forecasted total transactions, Telos has enough speed and capacity to generate blocks for the needs of every single layer 1 chain combined for the next decade. 



The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications.