Data driven competition that addresses societal issues associated with sustainable development goals. This first edition addresses the topic Good Health and Well Being

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Before reading the Rules of this Challenge, we kindly advise you to fully read our Terms & Conditions in order to understand how it will function and take the best out of the experience. You can download the full version of the document here.


  1. EUREKATHON is a competition organized by LTPlabs, Porto Business School and NOS that addresses challenges associated with sustainable development goals. This edition of the Event will address the topic "Good Health and Well Being";

  2. The goal is to finish the Event with a set of concrete and creative solutions that should benefit the public or non-profit organization that will sponsor each edition, with a direct contribution to society;

  3. The target of the Event are students and professionals from emerging areas of business analytics and data science;

  4. At the end of the competition, each Team should present the work developed during the Event;

  5. Participants will have access to a diversity of data sources, both private and public, that they should leverage to build analyses, models and tools to solve the given social development challenge;

  6. The Event will begin at 17:00 on the 8th of November 2019 and will finish at 20:30 on the 9th of November 2019;

  7. The Event will take place at Porto Business School.


  1. The registration can be done individually or as a Team of up to 5 members:

    • A full Team is a Team of 4 or 5 Participants;
    • A partial Team is a Team of less than 4 Participants;
  2. The Organizers will form Teams from the individual registrations;

  3. In case of a registration as a partial Team, the Organizers may add the necessary number of Participants from the individual registrations to form a full Team;

  4. The number of registrations is limited and the criterion for acceptance is by the registration date and time;

    • After the maximum number of Teams has been reached, a waiting list will be opened and, in the case of a cancellation, the applicants on the waiting list will be contacted;
  5. In case a registration is done as a Team, the registration is considered complete when all the Team members have completed the individual registration and the Team has been created by one member of the Team;

  6. The creation of a Team requires:

    • The definition of its name. In the case the team is being created as a representative of an association, community or university/school, the format “TeamName@Affiliation” should be used (e.g., TeamName@CommunityName). If this is not applicable, the format “TeamName” is enough;
    • The introduction of a short description;
    • The determination and announcement of a contact person;
  7. The Organizers must confirm the registration of all Participants and of all Teams through email;

  8. The Organizers reserve the right to withhold a registration in case it believes that the profile does not fit the competition goals.

Cancellation Policy

  1. The Participant has the right to cancel his/her registration, which should be done by contacting the Organizers at mailto:[email protected];

  2. In case of withdrawal of any Participant, the Organizers can decide that a Team must be readjusted by adding a new element or can even be disqualified.

Communication Channel

  1. All information regarding the event is available at;

  2. Taikai platform will manage registrations, final submissions and voting process;

  3. After the registration, the Participant will be invited to join the official communication channel;

  4. All the Participants will be added to:

    • A channel of the Event where all the announcements will be made;
    • A private channel where the Team will be able to communicate amongst each other and to start discussing the problem.

Before the Event

  1. After the Participant is accepted, he/she will need to:

    • Join the official communication channel;
    • Introduce himself/herself on the channel of the Event.
  2. Only after the previous steps have been completed, the participation is validated.

    • This must be done within 5 days after the registration. In case the registration is made one week before the Event, it should be done at least 2 days before the Event.
  3. In case of a registration as a Team, one member of the Team will need to add the remaining members.

Agenda and Duration of the Event

  1. The duration and the program of the Event is available on the website;

  2. The Organizers reserve the right to change the program without any warning.


  1. The Organizers will provide access to data sets, which will be announced closer to the Event;

  2. The Teams may use external data sources, as long as it complements the data provided by the Organizers and is obtained legally.


  1. Teams must have someone at the venue during checkpoints;

    • The time of checkpoints will be announced on the agenda of the Event;
  2. Each Team will have access to a Mentor that will be there to guide and help whenever necessary. The Mentor will be only present at certain times, announced closer to the Event by the Organizers;

  3. There will be Technical Advisors that can help in specific technical domains. The Technical Advisors will be only present at certain times, announced closer to the Event by the Organizers;

  4. There will be a Helpdesk at all times that can help in questions regarding the Event and the available resources;

  5. There will be some optional activities which any Participant can choose to participate in.

Evaluation and Eligibility

  1. The Participant and its Team will only have the possibility to present the project developed during the Event, and receive prizes, if:

    • The data provided by the Organizers is used;
    • At least one of the Team members have been at the venue of the Event during the checkpoints;
    • The solution proposed is original and does not violate any intellectual property;
    • The Team has complied with the present regulation;
  2. Before the end of the Event, all eligible projects will be evaluated in the last checkpoint and 8 Teams will be pre-selected for the final presentation by a Jury panel selected by the Organizers;

  3. A prize will be awarded to three Teams.


  1. The goal of the pre-selection is to select 8 Teams to present on stage as the finalists;

  2. The pre-selection will be done based on the performance demonstrated during a pitch in the last checkpoint.

Final Presentation

  1. There will be 8 finalists which will present the project to the Jury;

  2. Each Team will have 7 minutes to present and there will be 3 minutes for questions from the Jury;

  3. All the Participants will be able to vote for the winning Team after the final presentations.


  1. The prize will be partially donated to a non-profit organization;

  2. The prize shall be divided equally by each Team member.

Equipment and Commodities

  1. The Organizers will provide a venue for the development of the activities planned for the Event;

  2. The Teams will have access to Wi-Fi during the Event;

  3. The Teams should bring computers and other equipment that they find relevant;

  4. Meals are included in the program.

Final Remarks

  1. Participation in the Event implies acceptance of all Terms & Conditions;

These terms and conditions were created on 19th September 2019 and updated on 19th September 2019.