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Inteli Blockchain Challenge 2023

The first blockchain hackathon in Brazil created by university students for university students.

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Inteli Blockchain Challenge 2023

The Inteli Blockchain Challenge 2023, Brazil's premier hackathon organized entirely by college students, aims to unite all Brazilians driven to create blockchain products that positively impact everyday life across the nation. 

At Inteli Blockchain, we hold the firm belief that technology should not merely change the world but genuinely improve the lives of people everywhere

This year, we invite visionaries, pioneers, and dreamers to join forces and leverage the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sustainability to make a lasting, positive difference in the world.

By participating in the Inteli Blockchain Challenge 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to:

🤝 Collaborate with a dedicated community of changemakers committed to building a world where technology serves humanity.

📚 Showcase their talent, ingenuity, and determination in addressing real-world challenges and developing solutions that improve lives.

🏆 Compete for cash prizes, gain recognition, and become a source of hope and inspiration for others in the field.

🌎 Immerse themselves in an environment where ideas thrive, friendships are formed, and a shared vision of a better future unites all.

The Inteli Blockchain Challenge 2023 emphasizes the significance of fostering a world where technology not only progresses but also empowers and uplifts everyone. Our goal is to nurture a united and powerful community of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators in Brazil, driving growth and collaboration within the avant-garde of technology.


The Inteli Blockchain Challenge contains categories that aim to incentivize the development of innovative blockchain solutions in different fields, such as finance, sustainability, and identity verification. 

Each category provides a specific theme and sets out the requirements and evaluation criteria for the solutions proposed by participants. The categories provide a framework for participants to showcase their skills and creativity in developing blockchain solutions that have the potential to make a significant impact on society and industries.

🪙 MYNT - Unlocking the potential of stablecoins

Design cutting-edge solutions centered around the BTG Dol stablecoin, emphasizing user-friendly experiences, seamless payments, versatile investment options, and advanced Web3 technologies. Encourage widespread adoption and facilitate the growth of a thriving ecosystem around the BTG Dol.

🍀 GEAP - Blockchain for Green Assets 

Develop innovative solutions to integrate the "Bolsa Verde" exchange with other sustainable asset platforms, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to transform the sustainable asset market and tackle climate change.

🚀 CARTESI - Building with the blockchain OS 

Build innovative decentralized applications using Cartesi technology, focusing on creativity and exploring the potential of Cartesi Rollups which contemplates autonomous games, identity systems, DAOs, dynamic NFTs, AI/ML algorithms, developer tools, and more. 

📊 TITANIUM ASSET - Finance meets artificial intelligence 

With the advancement of AI technologies like GPT-3 and LLaMA AI, there is an opportunity to develop an AI-powered system for analyzing and monitoring financial opportunities using quantitative data and algorithms. The Titanium Asset category challenges participants to create a viable AI solution for DeFi/Cefi that can function independently and provide more accurate financial insights.

🟣 HATHOR - Blockchain for digital assets 

Hathor invites you to showcase innovative use cases for their blockchain platform. With its high scalability and ease of use, Hathor can be applied to various industries such as finance, logistics, and auditing.