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Galileo Hackathons

Let's come together to solve the challenges of Southeast Asia! Do you think innovation is the key? Then the Galileo Hackathons are the right place for you.

  • 229 Participants
  • 240,000 Invested
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  • Education
  • Social Good & Impact
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Space Tech

Who can take part in the Galileo Hackathons?

Any person of legal age (18+) who resides in a member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).


How can I register?

You can register before 5 November on the TAIKAI platform.


Do I have to register with a team?

No, not at all. All participants must register as an individual and form the team after registering using the hackathon platform. Instructions will be provided after the registration process is complete.

If you want to form a team with people you already know, you can also do so through the TAIKAI platform.


Do I have to know how to code to participate?

No, the Galileo Hackathons are ideation hackathons. Thus, we encourage anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship and space technologies to participate. Bring your creative, business or design skills to a team!


Can I apply if I have no knowledge of  satellite technologies?

Yes! We will provide you with the relevant training that you will need to succeed - even without prior knowledge.

The Galileo Hackathons are created with the purpose of bringing together creative minds from various backgrounds, so don't be hesitant to register even if you have never heard of satellite data before.


Can I apply to any hackathon regardless of my location?

Yes. The Galileo Hackathon will be held online, and you may apply from outside the organiser’s country. Just select that hackathon location you want to join when you register.

Am I the sole owner of the project I develop during the hackathon?

The ownership of any Intellectual Property (IP) developed by participants during and within the scope of the hackathon will remain with the team of participants or the individual team members. Please make sure that you have an agreement within your team about the assignment of IP rights for the IP developed within the scope of the hackathon and about the use or (re-)assignment of any pre-existing IP rights that individual team members bring in.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication software that allows the set up of persistent chat rooms (channels) organised by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. Discord will be our main communication tool during the hackathon.

Is there anyone to help us with our project?

Absolutely! You can see the Mentors for each hackathon on TAIKAI. If you need help with something on your project, or just want to get a second opinion you can contact them during the hackathon weekend.

Do you have other questions that weren't answered? Email us at [email protected]