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Ethsafari Hackathon

Explore and join ETHSafari 23' challenges. Get bounty rewards of upto $19,000 pool prize for your exceptional work!

  • 260 Participants
  • 300,000 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested



  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • Defense & Security
  • Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence

Rules and Terms  

  1. Originality Reigns Supreme: Embrace your inner innovator! We value fresh ideas and creative solutions. Your code should be as unique as a rare blockchain token – no copy-paste allowed.
  2. Collaboration is Key: The blockchain community thrives on teamwork. Feel free to collaborate, share insights, and help each other out. The more, the merrier!
  3. Ethical Hacking Only: While we celebrate boldness, we prioritize ethical hacking. Ensure your solutions respect the principles of fairness, security, and respect for others' work.
  4. Submission Magic Hour: Just like Cinderella's carriage, your submission must arrive on time! Late submissions might miss the hackathon ball, so make sure to meet the submission deadline.
  5. Judges' Decree is Final: Our esteemed judges hold the scepter of evaluation. Respect their decisions – their wisdom in choosing the winners is absolute.

So, gear up, code your heart out, and let the safari of innovation begin! 🚀💻🦁