Ethsafari Hackathon  

The EthSafari Challenge is open to developers, designers, and blockchain enthusiasts of all experience levels. We encourage both individuals and teams to participate.

May the most innovative Blockchain solution triumph!  

  Challenges Updated

Aragon Challenge - 2k Bounty
SafariDAO Challenge - 5k Bounty
Coinbase Challenge - 1.5k Bounty
UTU Challenge - 4.5k Bounty
ICP.HUB Challenge - 2k Bounty
Fonbnk Challenge - 2k Bounty
Metamask Challenge - 2k Bounty


Open for anyone 

  Submission Update

As we're getting closer to the hackathon's awarding stage, I'd like to ask if you could make a few changes to your project to ensure it's fully eligible for evaluation. It would be awesome if you could share a link to your MVP demo or GitHub repo, along with a short loom video(link) that showcases your product. Thanks a bunch! 😊🚀

  Important Dates

 Virtual: Sept 1-18