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ETHDam 2024

Welcome to our 2nd Edition of ETHDam, strap in for a 3 day IRL hackathon, dedicated to ZK and Security, hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.



  • Pre Hackathon and launch of the All Stars Track15 Mar, 2024 - 17:00
  • Hacker Speed Dating12 Apr, 2024 - 10:00
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  • DeFI
  • Defense & Security
  • Privacy
  • Cryptography
  • ZK

ETHDam Hackathon (12-14 of April 2024) 

This 2nd edition of the ETHDam hackathon will bring together people who are interested in developing and building new open source software, applications, or systems dedicated Privacy and Security.  CryptoCanal will manually select and curate the hackers applications. 

  • Entry to the conference, for all hackers is free of charge 
  • Food is included for all hackers

Find more information on our Official Website, get all updates on Twitter, learn more about the bounties and connect with your mentors on the CryptoCanal Discord 🐱‍👤

ETHDam Deliverables   

Submitted projects should have:

  • Project / Team name.
  • Short description about the project.
  • 1 Discord username for the team’s person of contact.
  • Repository with project’s code.
  • Video demo (90 seconds) and/or Presentation (5 slides max).
  • The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice (NOT mandatory)
  • Be ready to present in person to the judges, Sunday 21st at 14:00, Ij Zaal (last floor)


The judges will rate all projects from 1 to 5 on these 5 criterias

1. Technical - "How technical was this to build?"

2. Use Case - "Is this solving a problem?"

3. Value proposition - "How unique and innovative is this project?"

4. Market/business - "Is this interesting for investors? Are the the business model and token economics are appealing?"

5. Wow factor - "This project is completely out of the box, blew your mind"

Mark your calendars!

15th of March - online

  • Pre Hackathon learn about our partners and bounties 
  • Launch of the Otter Track 

12th of April - in person

  • 12:00 Hacker Speed Dating 
  • Team formation and project ideation 
  • 14:00 Hackathon Launch 

14th of April 

  • 14:00 Submission Deadline 
  • 18:00 Closing Ceremony