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CBCG FinTech Hackathon - Vol II

Know Your Customer - Easy and Secure

  • 33 Participants
  • 79,971 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Banks


The prize for the best solution is 12,000 €, provided by the CBCG.

This award is valid for teams from the region.

The prize for the best Montenegrin solution is 3,000 €, provided by Mastercard.

This is the prize for the team from Montenegro that presents the best solution.

NOTE: If the best, first-ranked solution is from Montenegro, this prize will be awarded to the next best solution submitted from Montenegro.


In order to enter the selection process, your idea should meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation - new opportunities - new services - in the domain that facilitates savings, inclusion, simplicity for end users; primarily in the Western Balkan region;
  • Applicability - relies on available, known technologies and with a concrete description of application, primarily in the Western Balkans region;
  • Practicality – solves a specific problem or obstacle or improves an existing process;
  • Security - prevention of fraud and cybercrime.

For your solution to enter the final part of the competition, it also needs to meet the additional criteria:

  • Design,  software architecture and prototype functionality;
  • The quality of the business plan, implementation plan, impact and sustainability of the solution;
  • Presentation – quality and the impressions of presenting during the competition.