Complete your individual registration by clicking on the button Join Challenge until 09th March 11:59pm GMT! Even if you're already part of a team, your registration is individual.  


It will be hosted a Prep-session to explain and present the complete program of the Hackathon. Individual participants or teams with lack of members will be instructed how to use the Matchmaking feature. Find more about this in the Resources tab.

All participants must be part of a Team to participate in the Hackathon. Participants without a Team until the deadline of phase 1 will be eliminated. 

  Get to Know - Teams and Mentors

The competition officially starts at 00.00 WET, March 12th, but you and your mentor will be able to know each other, change ideas and even plan some work from 18.00 WET, March 11th. Use this moment to design your plan and use all of the competition hours to get work done!

  Phase 1 - Ideation

By the end of the ideation phase, on 12th March, 3pm (WET Zone), you must complete your Project Page and Description creating the following sections: 

  1. The problem you are aiming to solve. The more detailed and backed by real numbers the better!  
  2. The value proposition. What is the solution your bring and how is it innovative relating to what exists right now. What specific areas are you improving or changing? Overall, how does your project adds value to the world and the young generation! 
  3. How would it work. In practical terms, how would your solution and approach work?  
  4. The technology (technical approach). What are the technologies you are using and how do they work in order to create the solution?  
  5. The team. Let us know who are the innovators behind the project. Tell us a bit about yourselves, your backgrounds and skills. 

All teams must have picked at least one Category for their project by the end of Phase 1.

Remember to detail your project description as much as possible. Use an illustrative and clear approach to showcase your solution and highlight its contribution and added value to the defined challenge and add any other relevant documentation your project may require.

  Phase 2 - MVP

This is the stage where you'll develop your prototype and submit all the material it requires until 13th march, 2pm (WET Zone). Make sure you:  

  • Update your Project Description and add the final section: 

      6. Conclusions and Results 

  • Develop or showcase your prototype/ MVP, explain the team’s thinking process that led to your solution. Make it interesting and creative - this is an opportunity to pass your team spirit and the potential of your solution to the judges. You can make a video if you are having trouble developing a prototype; 
  • Upload any other relevant documentation;
  • If there is any code or documentation, please submit it to GitHub and share with us the project link. 

The mentors will evaluate it following the evaluation criteria and make the first cut of teams.

  Announcement teams moving to Phase 3

The mentors of each team will evaluate the projects and work in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and give them the amount of "KAI" they think they deserve. Just the two-thirds of all teams with more "KAI" will move to Phase 3.

Mentors will be using the evaluation grid provided by the Organization.

  Phase 3 - Refinement MVP and Pitch

The final stage is where you have the opportunity to apply every bit of feedback you got along the way and refine the MVP. But, more important, you have to showcase and present it in your best pitch. Make sure you:

  • Do it in a video, with a maximum of 3 minutes. It's up to you if all team members show up on the video or not. Don't worry, we don't judge based on the video editing skills, we'll be focused on how good the content is!

The deadline is March 13th, 23.59pm (WET Zone). 

Very important note: You should submit a picture of your team (if you are working remotely, a print screen of a video call is perfect) when submitting the project as well!

  Announcement of finalists

Our jury will evaluate the final projects and give "KAI" for backing the teams. The top 5 teams will move on to the Final Pitch. The announcement is made on 14th March, 11am (WET Zone).

Jury will be using the evaluation criteria provided by the Organization.

  Final Pitch at EU Youth Conference

The finalists will have the opportunity to present their pitch (pre-recorded) at the EU Youth Conference, on the 14th March, 3pm (WET Zone). In any case, it can't exceed 3 minutes. 

The participants of the EU Youth Conference will also have "KAI" for backing their favourite Team.

  Announcement of Winning Team 

The Team with more "KAI" at the end, wins. The winner will be announced at the EU Youth Conference Closing Session, on 15th March, 11am (WET Zone).

  Some Extras

In addition to the continuous support from your mentors, you'll have access to some Q&A sessions with Challengers - experts in the field you'll be working on. These sessions are strategically integrated into the program of the Hackathon you can use the outcomes to improve your project!